Picture of Rubber Origami
Simple instructions to make origami a little more permanent. This project will teach you how to create rubber coated origami crane ornaments.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Originally, I made these as ornaments for my sad little Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Recently I have become some what addicted to dipping things in Plasti Dip www.plastidip.com. The stuff is originally intended to create rubber tool handles. But you'd be surprised how much fun it is to play with.

- Printer Paper 5 inch by 5 inch
- thin gauge wire
- Plasti Dip
- scrap piece of wood, about two feet long
- ribbon or string

- wire cutters
- 2 spring clamps
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Redobeat5 months ago

It is a fantastic idea but. I live in Mexico , can you tell me where to find the platic dip?

If I cannot find it what other product can I use instead of the plastic dip?

I want to make these cranes for an event I have in a few days, they are perfect.

FunkyG!rl8 months ago

is it possible to brush it on?

This is really cool! How did you get the idea to make this?

MichaelA21 year ago

This is the cheapest place ive found to buy the stuff http://homeplastidipper.com/plasti-dip-product-reviews/plasti-dip/

emmewaltz1 year ago
Can you get this stuff at Home Depot?
bagnitsch2 years ago
This is a awesome and creative idea. May have to hang some in windows....
wseevers3 years ago
Can you paint it? All I can find is the yellow stuff? Great idea tho!! I tried the folding 1000 thing (zen something or other) and have a whole box of them, and no Christmas ornament ideas untill now!! THANKS!! Be awesome!!
ppprfldr4 years ago
Do you know if it is possible to add some dye to the dip to make them colorful? Or do you think colored paper might show through the rubber?
blightdesign (author)  ppprfldr4 years ago
They make PlastiDip in a bunch of colors: white, blue, yellow, red, black, and clear. I've used them all and they work great. Unless you're using the clear dip, the color of the paper does not come through.
They also have a tint your own kit now as well
jehb3 years ago
This would be awesome to make waterproof strings of lights with LEDs. Anyone tried that or something similar? It may work better with a different origami shape so that the LED can have some space around it.
HOT! I love this! I've folded many cranes and have been thinking about more projects for them. This is GORGEOUS! I've been making earrings out of them with simple French hooks from the craft store. This may well be the next step. Thanks for posting it!
carpfluff4 years ago
A good idea is to dip parts of the crane into different colors of Plasti Dip. When it dries, it'll probably drip and make a swirl/ splattery looking crane. very awesome, nonetheless.
linafasano5 years ago
 i can't find white plasti dip anywhere.  everyone sells yellow, black, red, or clear.  can you help?
blightdesign (author)  linafasano5 years ago
This may be more white Plasti Dip than you will ever need, but I can't find it in smaller quanitities:

Cool! I prefer paint-on electrical tape, though. Much easier, and you only need one coat.
jpnagle595 years ago
Hi there, love the work! I have used this plastic/vinyl solution since way back in the 70's, and it is really good stuff. The comment I wanted to add is after you dip the piece you are working on, do not let it dry over the can. I was tempted to do this while coating some tool handles one time. I thought it would be ok, and less messy if i did that. Trouble is, that the fumes from the can won't let the dipped piece dry. And it will also destroy the final set of the plastic. I just thought I would pass that on...JPN
macrumpton5 years ago
Great idea! It also makes me think that maybe I could fold the cranes out of mylar so they would be weatherproof. A transparent or translucent one would be cool, but mirrored also has some appeal. You might have to make them a little larger since the sturdy mylar is about as bendy as card stock.
blightdesign (author) 5 years ago
lexinerus5 years ago
Sorry, but the link is wrong
I'm interested in the longevity of the Plasti Dip. Do you know if the coating discolors or flakes over time?
I've used plasti-dip to coat foam swords, beastman horns, foam skulls, and whatnot. It lasts forever. I use black, and it's never faded. No flakes, no peeling. I have stuff that's years old, and still in great shape.
blightdesign (author)  SquirrelBrained8 years ago
So far no discoloring or flaking, it holds up very well.
DanDaDad8 years ago
ve seen Plasti dip advertised to cover tool handles, but it has several uses. My brother once made a halloween mask using pantyhose stuffed with newspaper and 2 balloons for shape. He then painted it with several coats of Plasti dip over the pantyhose. Then he burst the balloons , removed them and the newpaper. It would stretch , somewhat, so he could put it over his head. Of course after he cut a few well placed holes so he could breath and see of course. It eventually got a few tears in it as everyone would try it on, but it lasted at least 2 years.
Ah that's a great idea too. There should be a plastidip group the way there is a duct tape group! And an origami group! (There probably already is, I just haven't looked...)
I'd be for a plasti dip group. It sits right next to my duct tape, and epoxy in my work room.
That's a great idea, just made one!
clear spray acrylic works well too, and it preserves the color/pattern of the paper.
I use Minwax wood hardener on my origami if I want it to last outside, like under a porch. Doesn't keep it in shape in flat-out rain, but it's great if you want to just weatherproof it a bit. You have to watch out for colorfastness and make sure you ventilate that stuff really well!! I LOVE the idea of doing white PlastiDip for wedding favors! What a great idea! You could do schmancy little origami "dishes" for wrapped candy and use a contrasting colour of PlastiDip around the edges or brush it on in thin layers for designs. I had no idea it came in white. (I have blue.) Wonder what kind of paint sticks to it, acrylic?
F-zero6 years ago
this is so win
lol u mean this is so gonna win
No, I am quite sure he meant this is so win
lol thats improper english ahah
F-zero sbrown6 years ago
Indeed. I could probably think of 50 different things to dip in plasti-dip. I didn't even know this stuff existed!
sbrown F-zero6 years ago
i need to acquire some of that
has anyone tried this with the spray plasti dip?
yeah, it doesn't work... it wilts the paper and it's really hard to spray evenly all over. I don't recommend it. I also got it all over myself... and the spray is pretty hard to get off.
bjfong136 years ago
I love this idea! I just tried dipping the crane into the plastidip, but I'm think the consistency is too thick. Did the excess drip off with time? What consistency was your dip? What's the best way to dilute it (they give three suggestions on the can)?
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