Picture of Rubber Powered Dart Launcher & Darts
In this Instructable I will try to show how to make a top little rubber powered dart launcher and darts.

The gun is based on the glove gun I made in an earlier instructable, but this is designed specifically for darts or little arrows and does not require the finger of a rubber glove - just a strip of rubber as you will see.
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Step 1: What you will need

Picture of What you will need
For the Launcher:
  • A length of plastic pipe about 400mm long. Half inch pipe is fine.
  • A strip of rubber from a rubber glove or similar. 200mm x 20mm approximately.
  • Duct Tape.
For the Darts:
  • Bamboo barbecue sticks. Available from any supermarket.
  • Duct Tape
  • Hacksaw to cut the pipe.
  • Scissors.

Step 2: Make your Launcher

Picture of Make your Launcher
Simply tape the strip of rubber to one end of the pipe as shown in the pictures. Use enough duct tape so the rubber won't pull out when you pull back on it.
Your launcher is now ready. Just need some darts.

Step 3: Make some darts

Picture of Make some darts
Just back from the sharp end of the dart wrap a strip of duct tape about 20mm x 100mm around the bamboo stick. This will give the dart some weight at the front.

To make the flights use duct tape. Leaving enough length of shaft to grip with your fingers, wrap the tape around the stick and make three folds as in the pictures. With scissors trim the flights to the desired shape. They will need to be small enough to pass through the pipe of the launcher.

Repeat this process until you have enough darts.
Would it work with a rubber band?
cammers (author)  A_Zombie_Killer8 months ago

Yes, but it might not be able to kill zombies.

Ill try to ajust it so it can. lol
Mattakers1 year ago
I didn't have pipe, so I used the inside of a paper towel role. I also have stretchy cord attaching from the hook to the cardboard pipe.
photo-2013-10-08 8:36 AM.jpg
cammers (author)  Mattakers8 months ago

Nice. I like it.

Seaborn10 months ago
Awesome ible I'm definetly going to make it.
Mattakers1 year ago
I made one, but instead of darts I have a grappling hook!
cammers (author)  Mattakers1 year ago
That's great. I'd love to see a picture.
ArticAkita1 year ago
WoW! those darts FLY! I like your video and quick use of a dead (holey) rubber glove! yes, those skewers are what the are SHARP! I'm gonna have to build me one! thanks for the super easy idea how! would not of thought to use Duct tape! now I can put to use a thick cardboard tube I saved from out FoodSaver roll! (its the same diameter almost)
ClayOgre2 years ago
You should check out the videos of Joerg Sprave (The Slingshot Channel) on youtube. He occasionally does some stuff with arrows.
I did in fact I even added him on youtube
Awesome design

davidio10002 years ago
great project and it is really powerful
usa-infidel2 years ago
Very nice!!! My boys are gonna love this.
Thanks for the post...
naturalsam2 years ago
I like it. I was impressed by how well it shot that dart. Nice job.
cammers (author)  naturalsam2 years ago
Thanks. And so easy to make too.
onlinebeat2 years ago
cammers (author)  onlinebeat2 years ago
bwells23 years ago
Could you add a trigger to the gun.
rimar20003 years ago
Very nice design.

Was this instructable published a time ago? It seems familiar to me.
cammers (author)  rimar20003 years ago
Hi Rimar, It's based on my "glove gun" but doesn't need the finger of the rubber glove. I've also refined the little arrows.

I tried to publish this a couple of weeks ago, but it was somehow filtered and couldn't be seen by Instructable members. I changed the title and some of the text and re-published it and now it is visible.