Picture of Rubber Stamps
This is an easy way to make rubber stamps that you design and that will last for many stampings. The first one I made has lasted for over 500 uses (up to 75 uses in a single day) and is still as clear as the day I made it.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need: thick craft foam and thin craft foam, scissors and/or hobby knife, cutting surface, wooden spools and flat shapes, glue, toothpicks, cotton swabs, and a clamp.
turtleson1 year ago

good idea!

Excellent Instructable! Thank you!

That's a really good idea. I never thought about adding material instead of carving it out. Way to think outside the box :)

FrozenIce4 years ago
AWSOME love it great job :)
farzadbayan5 years ago
Pretty picture , nice instructable !
Qeubek5 years ago
Really cool idea, it's very simple.
perfect and easy...great job
maruawe6 years ago
Neat and clear I'll try this one tonight
lemonie6 years ago
Very well done, makes me think about doing this for my invoices... L