Picture of Rubber band car
just a basic rubber band car

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arcon19935 years ago
 I don't understand how the wheels are suppose to move i have everything else done i just dont understand how the rubber bands make the wheels turn by winding them?

Sorry i am kinda new at building these things
general zee (author)  arcon19935 years ago
you have to wind it up, you dont tie the rubber band to the axles, you have to wrap them around by winding the axle.
where is the other end of the elastic tied to?
How do you make it? Where are the instructions on how to mkae it. Please Help! :-(
you should post the ute in the background . it looks pretty cool
julian25966 years ago
Skreetsha6 years ago
I think it's rather interesting how you made a knex car that doesn't require an engine making it lightweight and for that, more agile :D Could you please post it???? I wanna build it :)
general zee (author)  Skreetsha6 years ago
Probably wont post, It can be built from pics.
:( Ah well, i'll just try it myself :P
general zee (author)  Skreetsha6 years ago
let me know how it goes.
I gave up on it. It was boring, lacked traction (making the wheels spin before it drove), and didn't have a long driving area ('bout 2 metres).
general zee (author)  Skreetsha6 years ago
were you on carpet? Mine usually would flip over.
Mine was on wood, that explains XD
barrax6 years ago
cool, 3.5* the way you place them makes the gear/wheeled one looks like this:
mrbox7 years ago
Man your really good at making cars... i bet one day your going to design the cars of the future ;D! Bah you proabably won't...
general zee (author)  mrbox7 years ago
probably not.
general zee (author) 7 years ago
there is one rubber band for each axle, so if you build make sure you put them on right.
it looks interesting? what ca is that in the background?
general zee (author)  Ghostsniper7 years ago
just a car that I made.