Introduction: Rubber Band Chains

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Here's how we can make a chain from rubber bands..super easy, and can be used to make bracelets, scrunchies, necklaces, even elastic short anything involving elastic strings or chains!

Step 1: First Rubber Band

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Take the main rubber band in your hand..The main rubber band will stay without being looped.

Step 2: Second Rubber Band

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Pass this red rubber band through the yellow one and bend it so it's ends come together.

Step 3: Third Rubber Band

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Similarly pass the third yellow rubber band through the red one's loop as shown.

Step 4: Repeat

Picture of Repeat

Repeat the process for the desired length of your chain.

Step 5: The Last Rubber Band

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Cut the last rubber band and pass it through the preceding one's loop, and tie a knot.

Step 6: Complete the Chain

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Also tie it to the first one to complete the bracelet/scrunchy/necklace.

Step 7: Trim It Up

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Snip off the hanging ends of the knot.

Step 8: Done!

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cheers! :)


Gursimran Singh 425 (author)2015-02-06

nice idea will surely make for my cute sister thanks:)

thank u

most welcome!

Bithal (author)2015-02-04

Nice one. :)

ShaliniS3 (author)Bithal2015-02-06

thank u

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