Picture of Rubber band shooter / minifigure launcher
This is how to make a rubber band shooter and minifig launcher with a lego mindstorms nxt kit and some extra legos.

Step 1: Building

Click on the lfx file (lego digital designer) and when it is open click f7 for buildign instructions. You can download the lego digital designer program from lego.
i dont have the gear from the motor on top
is there a way to do this with 2.0
ario566 years ago
I know why it doesn't work. the computer saves as a TMP file, not a LXF file. you may want to fix that.
not the autors fault its a bug in instrutables
TOCO6 years ago
Please post a video!!! If you demolished the thing just use your great instructable!!!!!!!
JaredsProjects (author)  TOCO6 years ago
I think I took some videos of it when it was still together, so i will post those soon, if i didnt delete them
the problem I got was it was made in the old digital designer and couldn't be opened because of the old format
wangtrevor6 years ago
The lego digital designer file dosnt work :( please email it to me at wangtrevor@gmail.com
JaredsProjects (author)  wangtrevor6 years ago
the reason that it doesn;t work is most likely because you don't have the software installed on your computer.
i have lego digital designer installed
i have it installed its called ldd or lego digital designer and u can use creator lego model and stuff