Rubber Band Gun - Pistol Style (Chopsticks and RubberBand)

Picture of Rubber Band Gun - Pistol Style (Chopsticks and RubberBand)
I'm Pretty sure that you have seen other Rubber Band Guns using chopsticks but you probably never seen a personal size one. If you have let me know i have to check it out XD. But i have made a experimental pistol using only chopsticks and rubber band. No tape, no glue (don't really trust it), nothing else but those two and my multi tool (but not really used to materials but tools itself).

Materials Needed:
Two sets of good chopsticks (I don't recommend the cheap teriyaki/chinese type easy to break)
5 or 6 Rubber Bands (make sure they are good ones not warn out or it might snap)
A sharp knife (I use needle nose pliers to cut them perfectly)
A small flier for metal (Optional but high recommended for fine crafting)

P.S. Careful cutting it if your going to use needle nose pliers (lost almost half my hand to them)
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Step 1: Collecting the Materials

Picture of Collecting the Materials
Make sure you have your materials ready.

Two sets of Chopsticks and 5-6 rubber bands.

P.S. I only have one set of chopsticks left and a few rubber bands XP.

Step 2: Cutting and Rounding them up

Picture of Cutting and Rounding them up
Make sure your knife or tool can cut them perfectly. breaking them with your bare hands will ruin the perfect cuts.

(Okay since the damn thing won't let me put notes on here I will tell you the cuts)

The 3 and a half inch is the handle
The 5 and a half inch is the barrel but you only need one of them so choose which one lives and which one is trash/recycle.

The 5 inch on the bottom is the body so that is needed critically.
Finally the 3 Inch is the trigger. at least 3 inches would be fine.

Step 3: Wrapping

Picture of Wrapping
Wrapping the parts well is very critical or else your gun won't work right.

Wrapping order
Front body
Trigger holder
Barrel/Trigger hold
Bottom Handle
josefu06 years ago
it was weak
Zoticus josefu05 years ago
just duct tape a chopstick on the bottom of the barrel.
jball136 years ago
mine worked fine