Have a fun time looking at them all

Step 1: Fishtail -Pink and Blue

Step 2: Fishtail-yellow and Blue

Step 3: Fishtail- Green and Purple

Step 4: Fishtail- Red White Blue

Step 5: Fishtail-Black and White

Step 6: Fishtail-blue and Pink

Step 7: Fishtail-orange and Green

Step 8: Fishtail-rainbow

Step 9: Fishtail- Purple and Blue

Step 10: Fishtail - Purple Green and Pink

Step 11: Fishtail- Purple and Pink

Step 12: Simple - Purple and Blue

Step 13: Simple- Blue and Pink

Step 14: Fishtail- Blue and Purple/pink

Step 15: Fishtail- Blue Green and Pink

Step 16: Fishtail- Rainbow

Step 17: Reverse Fishtail - Blue

Step 18: Thank You !!

Thank you for looking at my bracelets. I hope to see some pictures of your bracelets with some of the patterns on here. Don't forget to comment , like and follow me !! Also check out more of my other tutorials !!!¡¡¡!!¡¡!¡ I hope to get some comments THANKYOU
Yep I love that one so happy looking because of cotton candy :);)
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