Rubberband Friendship Bracelets





Introduction: Rubberband Friendship Bracelets

Todayyou will learn how to make a Rubberband Friendship Bracelets!!!

Step 1: What You Need

For this project you will need 1 safety pin and small colorful stretchy rubberbands.

Step 2: Hook Rubberband on Safety Pin

Take your Rubberband any color I did blue and then open the safety pin and slide on the rubberband on the safety pin then close it.

Step 3: Hook on More Rubberbands

Take a diffrent rubberband and slide it through the first one A.K.A (the blue one).

Step 4: Keep Adding Rubberbands On

Keep adding rubberbands on. By repeating step 3.

Step 5: Finshing Step

After your done adding rubberbands you will open the safety and add the last one onto the safety pin!!

Step 6: FINSHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now you are finshed to and you are ready to show off your new rubberband bracelet!!!!!



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    the safety pin shows too much...i think jump rings or smthng small would be good.....but rest is really wonderful..........................

    Where do you get those small colorful rubber bands?

    get them in a kit at micheals or another craft store. They have the rainbow loom kits and refills at a lot of places

    Well anywhere, like at a hair salon

    I get them at Claires michaels and walmart

    I think it's an cool idea

    that's really nice♥♥ i had made one TNX;-)