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Introduction: Rubberband Glider in Less Than 1$

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Hi everyone,
In this is a tutorial of making a glider from corrogated sheets and tape.
It is a super easy project and will take less than 10 minutes to make.

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Step 1: All You Need

-corrogated sheet
-a few nails or screws
-big rubber band
- 2 toothpicks

Step 2: Making the Wings

- cut a rectangle of length 30cm and breath 7.5cm
- mark a centre line at 15cm
- now mark 5 cm on both 7.5cm sides.
- join the centre line from top to the 5cm mark
- cut both of the diagonal lines

Step 3: The Fuselage

- cut a rectangle 25cm in length and 5 cm in breath
- make 2 line at the centre 1cm apart from each other
- now slight cut the line so that the sheet could be folded
- now fold from the lines and join them with tape

Step 4: Rudder and Elevator

- make a right angle triangle with base 5cm and height 7cm
- mark 5cm on the height 7cm
- make a line perpendicular to the 5cm line
- Cut from the line

- cut a rectangle of length 10cm and breath 4.5 cm
- mark a centre line at 5cm
- now mark 3cm on both 4.5 sides.
- join the centre line from top to the 3cm mark
- cut both of the diagonal lines

Step 5: Assembly of Parts

Mark 7cm on the fuselage from the front and paste the wings with tape.
Now insert toothpicks in the rudder and elevator and fix it to the fuselage
Make a cut on the fuselage for the rubber band
Insert a few nails in the front
And the glider is ready

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I really enjoyed it. My fuselage is a little funky, so I think you should post more pictures of it, for that step I didn't know what way to fold it. Other than that, it flies beautifully. I had to use glue for the rudder tho, I kept crashing because I had the great idea to test it in my living room.To balance it, I used little nails in the front, it also seems to have helped with the landings by solidifying the front a little.What else can I say, Great design, simple instructions,Basically free if you have some cardboard and some coins laying around.

I'm thinking of trying cardboard that I would normally recycle. :)

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me two i have tons of cardboard in the storage room

Stronger then

You can try but cardboard is heavier than corrugated sheet and corrugated sheet is also stronger the cardboard

Got to make this with my grand kids