rubberband paper projectile launcher (penetrates paper)

Step 1: Build


Step 2: Power

it can shoot trough a paper range 10 meters (very fast)
All it is is a rubber band and wasp
These things are so great.
its called a paper hornet
lol, we had a war in the bus with those things! I'm gonna post an instructable on a wasp/hornet etc. gun in the weekends.
how do u make the hornets? (thats wat kids at my school call em)
in spain, we call it <em>&quot;gomazos&quot;.</em>
its called a V bomb i make them all the time
we call them wasp because if you make them right they sting<br />
<em><strong>how do u make the paper ammo</strong></em>
At my school they are called zombie darts.
good,very good
don't know of u already know this but if u use a staple straightened it will make them bleed...i used to go to in school suspension all the time for this
its called a "v" dart, kids at my school make them all the time
no comment. what i want to say can't be put into words. it needs hand gestures.
An Instructable on how to shoot hornets? Who doesn't know how to do that?
i just wanted to make an instructable
I'm sorry but I guess it's were I live. 9 out of 10 people know how to make them. "How to make a complex/tech hornet that hurts like heck." would make a really nice instructable. lol :D
its not where you live. nearly everyone can do it. its a rolled up piece of paper folded in half and flung with a rubberband. thank you for helping me with that.
I'm wondering if people in Eurpoe know how to make these?
i wouldnt know :D
lol. I'll ask someone on the site and tell you what they say. :D
me jk I'm not stupid i thing he just wanted to post something
Before I scrolled down I thought you were serious. lol :D
thought so newb! jk

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