Rubberband Paper Launcher


Introduction: Rubberband Paper Launcher

rubberband paper projectile launcher (penetrates paper)

Step 1: Build


Step 2: Power

it can shoot trough a paper range 10 meters (very fast)



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    All it is is a rubber band and wasp

    These things are so great.

    lol, we had a war in the bus with those things! I'm gonna post an instructable on a wasp/hornet etc. gun in the weekends.

    how do u make the hornets? (thats wat kids at my school call em)

    in spain, we call it "gomazos".

    we call them wasp because if you make them right they sting


    how do u make the paper ammo

    At my school they are called zombie darts.

    good,very good

    don't know of u already know this but if u use a staple straightened it will make them bleed...i used to go to in school suspension all the time for this

    its called a "v" dart, kids at my school make them all the time

    no comment. what i want to say can't be put into words. it needs hand gestures.

    i just wanted to make an instructable

    I'm sorry but I guess it's were I live. 9 out of 10 people know how to make them. "How to make a complex/tech hornet that hurts like heck." would make a really nice instructable. lol :D

    its not where you live. nearly everyone can do it. its a rolled up piece of paper folded in half and flung with a rubberband. thank you for helping me with that.

    I'm wondering if people in Eurpoe know how to make these?