Rubberband Rifle





Introduction: Rubberband Rifle

a rubberbandgun in the form of a rifle

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Step 1: The Loop

the accuracy part
and the rubber band holder

Step 2: The Trigger

build the trigger

Step 3: The Handle

build and connect

Step 4: The Stock

build and connect

Step 5: Connect Everything

connect everything

Step 6: Reloading and Shooting

how to reload and shoot
pull the trigger back to fire



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    I modded the gun and made it a lot better! (no offense) You should take of those red connectors that are in front of the spinning wheel because they sometimes get caught on the rubberband

    knex zuigt! deze is echt lelijk, 0.5/5

    awsome gun but what are the pieces in the rubber band holder?????

    I HATE KN'EX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5 replies

    if you hate knex, why are you looking ad my instructable?

    I was a little mad then because there were too many K'nex ibles.I think I might buy some.

    good idea, then you will see what they are all about.

    I changed my mind.I HATE K'NEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sorry. oh well, more knex for us knexers.

    why dit you look at my instructable than?

    dont like the firing mec and kinda flimsy but all in all quite good

    neej duh darom heet het ook rubber band rifle
    rubber band is elastiekje!

    Loox good, fix up the handle a little tho, it seems uncomfortable and flimsy. 4*

    2 replies

    can you make a mod. for the gun?

    I'm not a modder, but I'm sure others would be more than glad to do so.