Rubberduck Painting.




Introduction: Rubberduck Painting.

This was custom order.

So that's why there's that gold lump inside.. because customer did want it.

Anyhow.. I've lately done just drop art... art. so It was quite fun to do something different for a while.

First I did do fast sketch to see what and where I would do all.. and then.. I started to paint.

I used acrylic paint. but really.. watery because.. .. well.. just because I wanted to do so.

It took quite a while to paint the duck and then some more time to make it look exactly what customer wanted.. the smile and eyes took longest as you can see from video.

then with the back round I did get to work as I pleased.. so.. it did go for the drop art :D

anyhow. customer was happy.. I am happy.



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