Picture of Rubens Tube 8 foot long AMAZING
Fire + Fire + Sound = Amazing

This is a 8 foot long Rubens' tube its amazing you should build one.

Shopping list:
Long pipe larger the better in diamiter (got mine for scrap jard)
Gas fittings for tube and to your gas bottles
2m drill bits
Rubber glove

Step 1: Drilling the holes

Picture of Drilling the holes
Our pipe is two staleness steel pipes 3.5inces in diameter 8 feet long.

Measure out 2m hols every 1.5cm along your pipe, make sure to leave a few inces from both ends of the pipe.

Clean up holes with meetle file.

When drilling such small holes you should poor some wanter on drill bit it makes such a difference.
Pumba154 months ago
This is cool! I made one and wanted to make a box so that it could be used outside. What did u make yours out of? And how did you regulate the temperature? Thanks

it looks awesome

lisass3 years ago
It is amazing. I Just have heard industry Ball Mill before from Henan Zhongke Engineering Technology Co.,Ltd
lisass3 years ago
Wow ,that's so cool .
etarasov3 years ago
Wow. Definitely going to try this .
namit (author)  etarasov3 years ago
Its a lot of work and a lot of drilling deftly going to use small wall on tube next time.
LAWNMUSIC3 years ago
Very cool. Definitely going to try this. Doesn't look like you entered so here's a link for Scoochmaroo's weekly challenge which happens to be fire. http://www.instructables.com/id/Scoochmaroo-Challenge-FIRE/
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scoochmaroo3 years ago
Wow. wow. wow.
nccwarp94 years ago
Music selection ??? :)
namit (author)  nccwarp94 years ago
Lots of them, transformers, dubstep and 8bit music.
namit (author) 4 years ago
Updated video of tube working