Ruber band powerd plane

this rubber band powered plane is made out of flat tooth picks, a lego propelor, and a knex gear.
it can fly about 20 ft.
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Step 2: Start buiding

Picture of start buiding
get the paper clip and turn it into a hook shape at the end. then with the other end bend it back and forth intell it breaks. then bend the tip back into a smaler hook. after that put hot glue on the small hook and insert it in the lego conector. then insert the lego conector into th propeller and hot glue the propeler to the conector

Step 4: Wings and tail

Picture of wings and tail
cut 8 in of the card board then glue it to the frame, fold the index card into fourths then cut 1 fourth then fold it in half, glue 4 or 5 1/2 tooth picks to gether for the rudder then glue it to the index card.

Step 5: Throwing it

to throw it you turn the propeller clock wise then hold the propeller with a finger. there are different ways to throw it some will work better than others. if it doesn't fly try raising the wings in a v shape
ongara_013 years ago
system not pls:-(
supercs20064 years ago
it seems too heavy to fly. try to make it out of deprom foam. it should be lighter. and a video please?
Allowance104 years ago
It flys!??!?!
I Have To See This Thing Fly First Before I Attempt To Build One! It looks so heavy!
xrobevansx5 years ago
Kiteman5 years ago
yes, video please.
hg3415 years ago
well your prop need some work