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Introduction: Rubik's Cube Mania!

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Rubik's cubes.



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i know how to solve one in seconds. All you need is spray paint.

The one that's in named "Good Luck" sounds like a lot of fun.

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It's called a V-Cube - I solved it without looking up how (although it took a day). Feel free to google it, it truly is a blast.

Ah me too. They truly are fun. I got mine immediately because experience from a 5x5 helped. What is cool about this cube is all the awesome patterns and pictures you can make on it. Try superflipping this thing, it is awesome.

where all of the cubies are in the right place and orientated correctly but all of the edges are wrong.

look at my avatar it's the V-Cube Collection

you didnt even include the rubiks revenge or the professors cubes

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I know what they are, but you didnt include them

I'm getting my 7x7 soon, but it would be nice to have all the cubes, nice collection otherwise. Loving the boob cube. (2x1) Anyhow, I know people who can't solve a 2x2 but can solve the 3x3. its kind of funny watching them struggle, then give it back and humiliate them