Step 2: The Grid

Decide on the colour combinations. It is important that each slice is different. Each section overlaps so each slice of the cake reveals a differing combination.
I have included the map we created that would guarantee that each slice was different to the one previous.
Note: I've used the colour black on the map to represent white in the cake, because white looked clearer as the background of spreadsheet.
<p>A m a z i n g</p>
<p>they are good</p>
<p>they are good</p>
<p>they are good</p>
Fascinating concept! Only problem is that here in the USA we don't have access to marzipan to cover the cake, nor the cake pan. We have to use frosting or fondant. That would be the only drawback in making the cake for those of us across the pond. <br> <br>For those of us here in the states I did find a source for the cake pan here: http://fantes.com/cake-pans-sheet.html There are many great recipes for marshmallow fondant on instructables along with some very fantastic cakes.
<p>Plenty of marzipan in our stores on East coast... you can also order marzipan via customer service and they will call you when they get it in.... or get almon's paste which is almost the same as marzipan:<br>http://www.thekitchn.com/almond-paste-and-marzipan-what-46772</p>
<p>Holly - if you haven't made this yet and still want to - it turns out making marzipan from scratch is trivially easy. It's almond flour, confectioners sugar, and an egg white. For a Battenburg cake you probably also want a drop of yellow food dye to make yellow marzipan. Also the fancy cake tins are overkill - just use a regular tin and cut the cake up into quarters and made 2 cakes instead :-)</p>
<p>gtoal thanks for the response. I would be leery of making my own marzipan with a raw egg white, I would used meringue powder instead. I'm confused about what you mean about a regular tin. Here in the US we have so many different sizes of cake pans that it would be impossible to figure out what a regular tin is. Can you tell me what size tin you are referring to when you suggest a regular tin? Inches please as we haven't learned to use metric sized over here yet. :)</p>
<p>You could use those cartons of egg whites (http://www.amazon.com/CRYSTAL-FARMS-LIQUID-WHITES-ALLWHITES/dp/B00CTN24NM/ - much cheaper in local stores) - they're pasteurised and for the small amount used here, you'll never taste any difference... I use a cake tin that's 8x4in (similar to http://www.amazon.com/Good-Cook-Inch-Loaf-Pan/dp/B0026RHI5K/) but I would imagine anything up to 9x5in would be OK too. I assume you have one like this already, but if you're buying one specially for this then you could go for the specialised Battenburg one... http://www.amazon.com/Silverwood-Battenburg-Cake-Pan/dp/B00KL5RZPW/ (of course that's one more thing to take up shelf space that you won't use very often, whereas a plain loaf tin will be used frequently, eg for a quick banana bread or date &amp; walnut loaf)</p>
I have seen Marzipan in Wal-Mart and small grocery stores in Oklahoma so it is available in the USA. You could look online at the Walmart site and you might be amazed.
<p>Made this cake today, we used icing instead of marzipan, which makes it slightly easier to find the right places to cut the cake but it's still tricky! :-)</p><p>We had a lot of fun making it, thanks!</p>
magic cube! really love this,
Jesus, such beautifully vivid colors! Fantastic! :) <br>
I love this!!! My son and I used to use the rubiks cube all the time..fun little addiction...the cake looks fabulous!
my son decided he wants one of these for his birthday cake, got 3 months to practice :) thanks for the instructable
have you thought of making it w. ricecripy treat and food coloring?
have you considered making every color taste differently?
I did, I thought of making the Green cake mint flavoured but I thought it might make all other pieces minty too (even with the jam insulation). Maybe blueberry for the Blue and Raspberry for the Red?
blue would be blueberry, white vanilla, red stravberry or cherry or raspberry, green could be lime, yellow pineapple or lemon, and do I have to say what flavour would orange be? :D
My friend is obsessed with Rubik's cubes. (He's solved a 7x7 and can finish a 3x3 in under a minute. He even mentioned Rubik's cubes in his graduation speech.) Anyway, I'm making this cake for his birthday, but instead of using the battenburg recipe I used boxed white cake mix and jello to flavor and color the cakes.<br>For red I used strawberry, orange orange, yellow lemon, green lime, blue blueberry, and the white is plain. I also colored my cream cheese frosting (homemade) black :D
Oh. My. Gosh. <br><br>This is fabulous! I've seen checkerboard before, but<br>this 'takes the cake', pardon the pun.<br><br>So much fun, so colorful! Bravo!
Best cake idea EVER! I love the attention to detail - making sure each piece is different goes above and beyond the call of duty.
<em>Wicked </em>cool!! &nbsp;:D
Cool cake. I need to remember that one for my next party.
I saw this as an article on the MSN home page. Good work.
Wow!<br>I had a go at making battenberg cake the other day and that was too stressful for my liking.<br>You must have a lot of patience!
@ Stasty; Hi! This is the triumphant birth of a new discipline: Technocookology :)<br><br>When I saw the first picture, I thought, nah, she couldn't REALLY make every slice different, could she? Then I looked and read, looked and read some more, and, OMG you did!<br><br>I am sending this to my sister-in-law and daughter, who both cook. I don't promise they'll attempt this, but they WILL be impressed.<br><br>Cheers! :)<br>Site
&quot;Technocookology&quot; ... love it!
Best Instructable I've seen in a while!
This is awesome! Going along with the citrus theme for the yellow n orange, how bout a bit of lime zest for the green? And I like the idea of rasberry n blueberry for red n blue. Maybe a bit of vanilla for the white? <br><br>Wish I had the patience to make this! I'm going to pass it along to my niece, she's the cook in the family.
Love it!
Great! I saw this just in time for my birthday!
That is too amazing! Great job!!!! I can't wait to show this to my sis-in-law so she can attempt it for my Rubik's loving brother!
Please ask her to send me a photo, I'd love to see how she gets on.
His birthday in later in the year and they have 18 month old twins, but I know she will practice ahead of time, so I will pass on anything she sends me! =)
That would be great :)
You're a doll, I'm sure she will send pics!
Awesome, that looks great!
Oh my WOW this is awesome!<br><br>One of my High Fives for you!
Cool! Thanks :)
That looks colorfully delicious!
Beautiful !<br>
that is really cool <br>
I think this is the first cake I have seen where you need a spreadsheet to make it...
Looks delicious, yet puzzling..

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