Picture of Rubiks Cube Head
How to make this giant Rubiks Cube. From about 10 feet away this thing looks real!!!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
From local Michaels:

- 1 pack of vinyl cling sheets (see pic)
- 1 Elmers 20"x30" foam board (about 1/8" thick)

From local hardware:

- 2+ rolls of 1" wide black vinyl tape
- ordinary electrical tape to fill out as needed
- double sided Scotch tape


box cutter/Exacto, large straight cutting edge, small ruler
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tblack63 years ago
the 10" is the specs. for each individual cube or for a whole face of a cube
tblack6 tblack63 years ago
figured it out and almost done with mine all i have to do is the white side
damasta4 years ago
This could be useful as a blindfold for BLD cubing.
peterthehun (author) 5 years ago
Well, the most frequent question is, "how do you see?"

Answer: I wasn't able to see out of it at all. I was in a hurry making it and I could not figure out a way without ruining the realism, although perhaps I could have put openings in the gaps somewhere.

And why thanks for asking, the t-shirt was a thrift store find. I forget the shirt's brand, but it was unusual.
Maybe you could put a screen of some sort into it, and have a small camera somewhere. Or (worst-case scenario) don't wear it.
My question is, where did you get a shirt so perfect, so 80's, for this costume?
 How can you see where you go whithe the rubik's head?
You don't! You use your Jedi mind powers...may the force be with you. :D
Foaly76 years ago
How do you see like this? Could you make one tile on the white side clear?
legopi36 years ago
lol I made this for halloween and it was a HIT. everyone liked that i made it myself, and i used foam instead of cling sheets. foam glue worked miracles with this. and yes you dont have eyeholes, so i will be working on an improved version =D and I'm putting a hat in it so i can see probably. use a hard hat insert or something.

good job with the instructable
pictures PLZ!! also, GREAT instructable!! :)
peterthehun (author)  legopi36 years ago
I would love to see photos of other people's rubiks heads!
good idea. I think i might post my own instructable showing the glue i used and the finished product.
jeeba6 years ago
You mention that you "tried to make mine the same as the color layout of the original version," but you got the order wrong. You have green and blue on adjacent sides but they should be on opposite sides. White should be opposite yellow, and orange should be opposite red. Since you have red on the top, the orange side would be missing (the side you insert your head).
Just cut a couple eye holes in the black lines
Doctor Who6 years ago
just wondering, are you cubemaster general at the speedsolving forums?
peterthehun (author)  Doctor Who6 years ago
Nope.. thanks for asking.
yeah cause someone is using this photo for their avatar
peterthehun (author)  Doctor Who6 years ago
wow, thanks for pointing that out to me. i would appreciate if you let me know who by private message so I could contact them. thanks:
gamefreek6 years ago
... thats..cool.
spiffytessa6 years ago
Hmm... do you think there is any way to modify this so you could wear it around your waist, almost like a skirt?
Same function, hopefully more comfortable. =)
how do you see?
you don's =D
I stole my friends plastic hat and wore the cube on top of it
Dr. Steel6 years ago
Ha. For some reason, I keep thinking of pyramid head.
grenadier6 years ago
nice but those cubes make me smash things
Kaiven6 years ago
SO, How do you see? I think my sister would love this!
where did you get that shirt? it works so perfectly for the costume.
peterthehun (author)  iheartwillabees6 years ago
thanks, I bought it in a thrift store : )
i was looking for a shirt online and came across this video on this website and there is someone with a rubiks cube costume like the one you made
Very Cool! Great Instructable!
shyrell7 years ago
This is the coolest! My husband is a rubiks cube nut. I sent this to his email. How cool! :-) Shyrell
Valche7 years ago
Haha, very nice.
Thornburg7 years ago
Lol, this is one of the best costumes for da nerds
ezarate7 years ago
im going to try this but im going to add a special sheet of black paper wich u can see out but not in and im going to make the box around a moterbike helmet so will stay secure im pretty sure it won't be so hard
xxekusasxx7 years ago
hahaha!!!! nice one dude!
usarmykid927 years ago
haha, thats good stuff
how do you see? and how doesnt it move around that much?
andrew.mac8 years ago
Wher did u get the stickers from?
peterthehun (author)  andrew.mac7 years ago
from Michaels but they are vinyl not stickers. you need to make them into stickers using 2-sided sticky sheets.
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