Step 18:

Before continuing to tack all of the outer sides together. Cut 12 identically sized cardboard partitions and tape them together inside of the outer cube. These will block the light from blending together from side to side. 
that is cool! elemental LED is me jess my real name is jessy but my name is jess do i know why that is a no.1 jessy there!
Thank you! Thinking of making one too?
ur welcome elemental led
Very cool. Gonna have to build one for the kids' room! <br> <br>For those with limited table saw experience, I highly recommend using a wider board to rip the 3/4&quot; strips. The second pass on the 1x3 will tricky. Better to start with a 1x6 for such thin strips. (yes, you have some waste, but all 10 fingers) <br>
Awesome - send us photos when you do! And thanks for the alternative tips.
Cool! It looks like a rubiks touch.
Absolutely! Now to figure out how to make it interactive too...
This is excellent. :D
Why thank you, Jessy :)

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