Introduction: Rubik's Cube Patterns

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Once you can solve a Rubik's cube it's nice to put it into a cool pattern. Here are 3 cool patterns for your Rubik's cube!

Step 1: The Checker Board!

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This is the most popular pattern. It is very easy to make and looks awesome!

Step 2: Flower Pattern

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The flower pattern doesn't look exactly like a flower, but it still is cool. If you have a bigger cube, you can do a flower inside a flower inside a flower inside a flower ect.

Step 3: Cube in a Cube

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The cube in a cube is by far my favourite pattern. It is a hard algorithm to remember, but it's worth it!


NoahD9 (author)2015-12-04

I dont understang F2 or L2 but I understand the Li, Ri, R, L, Bi. B etc. Could somebody please explain?

JoseS225 (author)NoahD92016-08-09

NoahD9, it means that you have to move the front face twice and then move the left face twice

RyanG138 (author)NoahD92016-06-17

With a "2" after it means turn face twice, like "U2" means turn the top face twice.

JoseS225 (author)2016-08-09

this is so cool

tomatoskins (author)2015-04-03

I've always loved the last pattern! I like to rotate the middle corner to create a sipral effect of the whole thing. Thanks for sharing and welcome to the communty!

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