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Introduction: Rubik's Cube Patterns

Step 1: Here Is the Faces Chart

Step 2: Staircase Pattern

R L'
Turn Your Cube and Repeat Until Staircase Pattern Shows Up

Step 3: Crosses Pattern

Go to staircase pattern. Make 2 staircases converge on the bottom right piece and 2 staircases converge on top left piece. Hold with side that is completely solved as front face and do staircase algorithm.

Step 4: Checkerboard Pattern

L2 R2 U2 D2 F2 B2
To Reverse it and get back to a solved cube just do the algorithm again.

Step 5: Center Switcher

L' R U D' F' B L' R

Step 6: Cube Within a Cube Within a Cube

This is my favorite.
U' L U' F' R2 B R F U B2 U B L' U' F U R F'



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    An easier way to do the "crosses pattern" is to do the following algorithm: U F B' L2 U2 L2 F' B U2 L2 U

    You can also use slices for switching the centers, M S M' S'

    Correction: its only R L if it is R L' it will make four crosses

    I would have been more helped by an explanation of what the directions mean. I don't understand what R L ' is telling me to do.

    3 replies

    Its telling you turn the right face clockwise and turn the left face counter clockwise

    True.... if it gives me the meaning of those letters I'd be happier.

    The 6th one is so F***ing immpossible. I have to use the crappiest solver ever to get my cube back to normal

    1 reply

    Cube in a Cube in a Cube is wrong.

    All B and L moves should be inverted

    Ends like

    U' L' U' F' R2 B' R F U B2 U B' L U' F U R F'

    For center switcher, do horizontal center and vertical center back and forth. Doesn't matter which direction as long as you maintain that direction

    I could only get the checker board one to work and I already knew how to do that