Rubik's Cube Salad (Healthy Snack for Geeks) :-)





Introduction: Rubik's Cube Salad (Healthy Snack for Geeks) :-)

I came up with this idea for my hubby. He is always busy and also loves playing with his Rubik's cube time to time. I thought it'd be fun to make him a Geeky and healthy salad :-)

He is not keen on Mozzarella cheese so I used a polish sausage instead, but I think that it would be tastier with Mozzarella cheese cubes.

Step 1: Ingredients

Here we go:

One whole cucumber (need to make 9 cubes out if it)

9 plum tomatoes

Polish or other (ready to eat) sausage ( or use Mozzarella for vegetarian option)



Fresh basil

oil to drizzle

Step 2: Cutting Cubes

Cut the top and the bottom of plum tomatoes, cut the edges of the cucumber (so it will be like a long rectangle) and do the same with a sausage. I put the tomato on top of the cucumber (like on the picture above) to make similar size cubes. (you could do the same with a sausage). After cutting everything in cubes, I started putting them in mix of three rows (see picture above) - I put two more layers on top (you could do as many as you want though :-) )

Step 3: Last Bit!

Then I sprinkled some oil, salt and pepper on it and served it with fresh basil leaves!
Bon appetit!



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    its nice but so much waste of cucomber n tomato

    1 reply

    My little one had the strips of cucumber - don't throw it away :-)

    Cool! I'll try and make this:)

    Brilliant idea - made it for my teenage boy. He loved it! :-)

    This is such an amazing idea! Voted!

    1 reply

    Thanks for your vote and support - much appreciated! :-)