Rubik's Cube Stand!!





Introduction: Rubik's Cube Stand!!

Not only can a rubik's cube be a game, but it can also hold up pieces of paper and thin sheets of cardboard, like notes for an upcoming test or baseball cards. It's simple (dur) and actually, it's pretty efficient. Pretty sweet. eh?

Step 1: Making the Stand

Turn only one side of the rubik's cube around like the picture below. Then, insert whatever you want to be displayed in the groove. You can also do this with the other side as well.

Step 2: What You Can and Can't Put in the Cube

Here's a small list of things you can put in the cube:

.Trading cards
.Anything thinner than the above

Here's a small list of things you can't put in the cube:

.Anything thicker than trading cards



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    "Here's a small list of things you can't put in the cube: .Bananas .Grenades .Knex .Anything thicker than trading cards .People" What about banana grenades xD

    haha yours is not solved.....

    and you can solve them? because i cant

    10 was my quickest solve

    10 minutes*

    2:02 was my best...using the slowest method I know of. Don't know the name of it...start with plus design on one face, insert corners, middle edges, last face corners, last edges.

    actually, i do a edited version of that. your talking about the beginner method. i do that method with some edited parts to make it go faster.

    Yeah. My cousin showed me how to do it a while back and I got about as fast as you can with that method, then picked up the Revenge and forgot all about poor ol' Ruby.