Rubik's Cube Tricks: Two Faced Checkerboard




Introduction: Rubik's Cube Tricks: Two Faced Checkerboard

A spinoff of the checkerboard trick

Step 1: Basics

before trying tricks I would recommend learning to solve a Rubik's Cube first . that way you know the vocabulary , tips comma and tricks . For the basic you can check out my Rubik's Cube basics instructable.

Step 2: Algorithm

You will need to preform this algorithm U2 F2 U2 F2 B2 U2 F2 D2

Step 3: Finish

Thankyou for reading if you have any questions please leave a comment



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    8 Discussions

    Reverse algorithm is D'2 F'2 U'2 B'2 F'2 U'2 F'2 U'2 to solve it back.

    Sorry for the????????. It was emojis.

    How do you know? Did you invent it?


    Good! Awesome! Perfect! Yeah! I love it! Fabulous! Great! Gorgeous! Beautiful! Well done!