Rubik's Cube in a Flask





Introduction: Rubik's Cube in a Flask

Original gift for your loved ones, "Rubik's Cube in a flask"

Step 1: Parse Rubik's Cube

Hi all, I want to share how to make an original gift to your loved ones, "Rubik's Cube in a flask"

This great gift for your loved one.

To disassemble a Rubik's Cube is necessary to remove the central cubes loosen the screw with a screwdriver. In addition, removal and other parties

Step 2: Putting It Inside the Bulb

Printed fabrics it will provide us with the Rubik's Cube, which will not slip on the glass.

For work, I used wooden sticks in order not to break the glass, double-sided adhesive tape is useful and chopsticks.

Step 3: We Enjoy the Finished Result

This gift is perfect for ceremonial events close people will be happy as an adult and a child! Surprise and delight are guaranteed

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I wish you good mood and creative inspiration



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    how? just how do you put it back together IN the flask? the rest I get but that part confuses me.

    Holy Moly! I had to see how it was made! LOL!!

    this seems insanely hard but soon cool

    Sorry for messed up replying. ⬇️My question was is the fabric a trade secret or did you figure it out yourself?

    You have some magic fingers my friend. Are the printed fabrics your creation or is a tool for this kind of

    Oh mer gosh, IMPOSSIBEEEEEEELE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0

    Still super awesome though, :)

    You should make two, one solved and another unsolved. Switch them when people aren't looking.