Rubik's Cube in a Flask





Introduction: Rubik's Cube in a Flask

Original gift for your loved ones, "Rubik's Cube in a flask"

Step 1: Parse Rubik's Cube

Hi all, I want to share how to make an original gift to your loved ones, "Rubik's Cube in a flask"

This great gift for your loved one.

To disassemble a Rubik's Cube is necessary to remove the central cubes loosen the screw with a screwdriver. In addition, removal and other parties

Step 2: Putting It Inside the Bulb

Printed fabrics it will provide us with the Rubik's Cube, which will not slip on the glass.

For work, I used wooden sticks in order not to break the glass, double-sided adhesive tape is useful and chopsticks.

Step 3: We Enjoy the Finished Result

This gift is perfect for ceremonial events close people will be happy as an adult and a child! Surprise and delight are guaranteed

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I wish you good mood and creative inspiration



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    how? just how do you put it back together IN the flask? the rest I get but that part confuses me.

    Holy Moly! I had to see how it was made! LOL!!

    this seems insanely hard but soon cool

    Sorry for messed up replying. ⬇️My question was is the fabric a trade secret or did you figure it out yourself?

    You have some magic fingers my friend. Are the printed fabrics your creation or is a tool for this kind of

    Oh mer gosh, IMPOSSIBEEEEEEELE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0

    1 reply

    Still super awesome though, :)

    You should make two, one solved and another unsolved. Switch them when people aren't looking.

    3 replies

    What if that solve would be impossible? Never thought of that did you?

    Genius idea!

    Now you're talking! Love it!

    The smashed Flasks would end up in the same corner with all the smashed Rubrics Cubs that ended up in small pieces after hitting the wall.. the most fun the Rubrics cube provided for me is watching it explode when it hit the wall.

    The funniest part of it all is his ended up just like mine. Useless. But he has a worthless flask and a worthless Rubics cube I just had worthless Rubrics cubs.

    Mega-WOW!!! Now all you need is to post an Instructable on how to build the patience to make this happen! I can tell you my Instructable would be on "How to clean up about a hundred smashed flasks while trying to put a Rubik's Cube inside!" Fantastic work, though! Truly love it!

    1 reply

    Absolutely ! I didn't even have the patience to watch the entire film !!

    This is fantastic!

    really this article is too good for me about cubic. i Love cubic. Thank you soo much for sharing

    1 reply

    Wow. that is fantastic work. I was expecting you to cut open the flask. My hat is off to you.