Picture of Rubik's Cube of Unusual Size


World Record Attempt!

This started as a desire to have the most unique coffee Table imaginable.

The design also had to have the look and feel of the original cube yet still be fully functional.

The size was limited by the width of the doors in my house and the actual weight of the cube. It had to be no larger than 27 inches wide and light enough to handle and move easily.

Corner to corner this cube is just under 4 feet yet it weighs less than 30 pounds!

Yes this took over 1 month to build...

STATS: 27 inches cubed VS 2.25 inches cubed. you will need 1728 standard cubes to occupy the space of this one!!!

Quick note: in the video the cube is still new and sticks a little. some wear and lube will have it running speed trials in no time...

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Step 1: Select materials

Picture of Select materials
I used 3 sheets of 1/8 inch plywood (4 X 8) I went to a specialty lumber yard for this and got Mahogany for $11 per sheet.
the wood joints were from 1/4 inch square dowel. I ended up using around 50 4 foot pieces. I also used several 1/4 X 1.5 X 48 pine slats.
I experimented with 3 types of wood glue from Gorilla and LePage. All worked equally well.

The cat is optional!

I toyed with the idea of making a master mold for each of the individual parts then casting them from polyurethane foam but that proved to be rather expensive for the mold making supplies and raw materials. The wood construction is more time consuming but careful work yielded a great working and looking cube in the end.

You will also need some way of clamping the wood while it is being glued. I chose some scrap metal and exercise weights.

The finished cube is broken down into 27 individual "blocks" .

It is easier to describe the build in the terms of blocks but in actuality I made all of the parts in steps. Some of the pictures may appear out of turn but it should all make sense in the end.

the clamping was accomplished with painters tape and binder clips. Along with massive free weight.

martincodd3 months ago

I am interested in purchasing, can you call me at 703.519.6827

Gyebi1 year ago

Wow, man...this is amazing. As a Hungarian (like the inventor of this cube), I appreciate this work even more. :)

tfayyad2 years ago

"The center block is constructed from 1 8.78 inch piece and 4 pieces 2 15/16 inches. These are glues and held together with metal angle brackets"

Are these numbers correct?

Did you mean

1 x 8 7/8"
4 x 2 15/16"

I'm looking at photo that you have where they are posted over a ruler, and it looks like the 4 pieces are closer to 4"

rosenugga2 years ago
Very cool! I was obsessed with my Rubik's cube as a teen. Just out of curiosity do you have an approximate cost of the whole project?
Random_Canadian (author)  rosenugga2 years ago
Total cost was about $80. Prices vary depending on local sales. The majority of the cost was for the paint, spray for this one cost about $45.
This is incredible! Would you be prepared to make one for sale?
Sorunome2 years ago
Wha, cool!
Jakwiebus3 years ago
you sir, are a GENIUS!
Random_Canadian (author)  Jakwiebus3 years ago
Jakwiebus3 years ago
why glue? why no screws or nails??
Random_Canadian (author)  Jakwiebus3 years ago
Glue is by far the best fastener for this kind of build. It has the best strength to weight ratio and with the small size of the support structure other types of fasteners just wont work.

chicopluma3 years ago
Dude, you have to put this in the extreme contest, because that is EXTREME.
Random_Canadian (author)  chicopluma3 years ago
thanks! and it is!
Treknology3 years ago
I love it. If you want to frustrate your friends when they attempt to solve it, take only one of the side pieces and put it in backwards, or rotate a single corner.
Random_Canadian (author)  Treknology3 years ago
That is and always has been an evil prank!!! :-)
xenomachina3 years ago

Like others, my first thought upon seeing this was "A coffee table that looks like a Rubik's cube. That's nice." Just as I was about to leave I noticed one of the thumbnails with the colors scrambled and had to find out what was going on... let's just say that this project greatly exceeded my expectations.
Random_Canadian (author)  xenomachina3 years ago
Thanks and I was happy to entertain.
phenominal in concept and execution.
Random_Canadian (author)  spark master3 years ago
LenBoyer983 years ago
WOW! I have wanted to make my own wooden cube for ages. Your detail and steps are phenomenal! Well done! I can't wait to see a video of it in use. This will be the first thing I'm going to build from 'ables...
Random_Canadian (author)  LenBoyer983 years ago
Thanks. If you need tips I can certainly help on this one.
asteidl3 years ago
Absatively epic!
SmallFlower3 years ago
I'm sorry but this is the coolest thing ever.
grimdaddy3 years ago
This is just too cool! Nice job!
Dy7lan3 years ago
Marvelous, simply marvelous!
Random_Canadian (author)  Dy7lan3 years ago
nanosec123 years ago
At first glance I figured this was just a cube table painted out to 'look' like a Rubic's Cube........

Boy was I impressed to find out the level of work you put into this. The only remaining question is:

what is your record for 'solving' it?

Great Work
Random_Canadian (author)  nanosec123 years ago
Look for the video shortly.

Single cube solving is definitely more complex. I will have to wait for my next house party to get a true solving speed!

Due to the size I am thinking I have to make another and have team solving competitions. Next Olympic sport... Synchronized cube solving!


BrittLiv3 years ago
Ah, i was going to make a giant Rubiks Cube for the extreme challenge, you beat to it. At least now I've got time to study... Congrats, it is looking amazing!
Random_Canadian (author)  BrittLiv3 years ago
This turned out way better than I imagined. Thanks!
wow, man this is like the awesomest thing I´ve ever seen... but more awesome!! (if such expression exists) Congratulations, great work
It is now! Thanks!
canucksgirl3 years ago
Wow... if anything fit the label of "extreme", this might be it. ;)
Random_Canadian (author)  canucksgirl3 years ago
Thanks. That is exactly what I was going for.
seamster3 years ago
This is insane. I hope you win something cool for this, because it is awesome.

I love the photos in step 9 that show the insides of all of your actual pieces fitting together. Wow. Very good work!

How about a video to see it in action?
Random_Canadian (author)  seamster3 years ago
Thanks. I will be posting a video shortly.