Simple and easy way to make the checkered pattern on the rubix cube.

Step 1: Setup

Start with your cube so that the white side faces up and the green side faces toward you. Make sure your cube os totally solved and not mixed up.

Step 2: Lets Begin Part 1

Spin 2 sides 180 degrees like shown in the images.

Step 3: Setup

Your cube should look like this.

Step 4: Lets Begin Part 2

More 180 degree rotations except the other way.

Step 5: Ur Cube Should Look Like This.

Step 6: Lets Begin Part 3

Flip your cube over to the side and do 2 180 degree rotations 1 on each side.

Step 7: Lets Begin Part 4

Now spin the cube and perform 2 more 180 degree rotations 1 on each side.

Step 8: Your Cube Should Look Like...

Your cube should look like picture above. Ypu have completed the Rubix Cube Checkered Pattern.
Becuse its shorter and cooler to say
<p>Why does everybody call Erno Rubik's Cube (a puzzle invented by Erno RUBIK) Rubix Cube?</p>
In my next instructable should i teach how to solve a 2x2x2 Rubix cube?
Thx!!! :)
I made the checkered design on the rubix cube!!

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