Introduction: Rubyrint - Rubik Cube Labyrinth

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The purpose of this instructable is to build a fun game with and old rubik cube laying around.

Rubyrinth is a Rubik cube that has paths, forks and 2 gates on its faces instead of colors.
The goal of the game is to connect the 2 gates with the longest path

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Step 1: Draw the Labyrinth

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The first thing to do is draw the labyrinth. You can do it following these steps:
  • cover the rubik cube faces with a white label
  • draw the labyrinth with a pencil
  • sketch the resulting faces on a paper
  • design a cool looking labyrinth with an editor following the paper sketch
If you want to fast the things up, you can download my photoshop template and edit with your own labyrinth

NOTE: if you add a lot of forks, the game will become easier

Step 2: Print & Cut

Picture of Print & Cut
  • Print the resulting image and cut each face
  • Attach each face on the cube following the paper sketch produced in the first step
  • Look at your amazing 3d labyrinth

Step 3: Play

Picture of Play

Now play with it! Challenge your friend to find the longest path that connects the two gates


derte84 (author)2012-10-25

They sell it on dealextreme !

infob (author)2011-11-17

Very clever.

derte84 (author)infob2011-11-17

Thanks :)

infob (author)derte842012-01-31

Thanks for your inspiration in

derte84 (author)infob2012-01-31

Love your mod! +fav

ilikecheese2 (author)2016-12-13

I will just use this print to make a maze in Minecraft lol.

Strobeez (author)2012-10-21

Thanks for the awesome idea. i used your template and drew the maze onto a black, polished cube with a neon green Sharpie oil paint marker and then cleaned up the bubbly edges with a pocket knife. It actually looks slightly better than the one you made because the two colours contrast. Thanks a bunch!

derte84 (author)Strobeez2012-10-22

Can you send me/share some immages of your cube?

Sorunome (author)2011-12-26

Nice idea! O.o

luc.dof1 (author)2011-11-16

So hard, Nice idea .

lewisb42 (author)2011-11-15

Neat idea (it might actually make a rubik's cube fun :)

It reminds me of a 2-player game  a dude made using a sliding-puzzle game called Proton.

derte84 (author)lewisb422011-11-15

nice idea the proton. I'll search for a 15 tiles game and try to do a copy

dimtick (author)2011-11-15

Am I correct that there are many solutions and not just one way to "connect the gstes" ?

pretty cool

derte84 (author)dimtick2011-11-15

Yes, actually the game is to fine the longest path among all the possible paths. But you can transform the tiles/faces and make only one path possible (hard to design..)

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2011-11-15

That's really cool! Have you been able to solve it yet?

derte84 (author)Penolopy Bulnick2011-11-15

With this configuration is really easy to solve, but you can remove some forks and male it harder.

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