I love to shop in thrift shops. I also love to repurpose clothing, this scarf is what happened after I bought a pair of pajama pants that I knew I would not wear but loved the print.  It is so feminine and yet so comfortable. You have to know that I intend on buying up all of the cotton jersey pajama pants in the nation for more of these!

Pair of pajama pants
Optional but very helpful tools:
Rotary cutter (scissors of course will work but I cannot reccomend a rotary cutter enough!)
Sewing machine (everything you can sew on a machine can be sewn by hand.)
Gathering foot (If your machine shirrs with elastic you can do that too, if you cannot do either you can hand ruffle it takes a bit more time but not much.
Quilting guide (Super helpful in keeping gathering stitches somewhat straight)
Very cute! The pattern on the pajamas is so cute and looks great as a scarf!

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