Ruffle Necklace





Introduction: Ruffle Necklace

Do you want fashionable, designer accessories on the cheap? This ruffle necklace looks luxe but is made for a few dollars.

Step 1: Inspiration

Here is a pic of my inspiration for the necklace.

Step 2: Fold and Pin Ribbon

Choose a ribbon to be the base of the necklace. I chose a wider ribbon for underneath the trim. Fold and pin your ribbon to about 6-8" long with pinning.

Step 3: Sew a Seam

Run a seam through all of the ruffles with your sewing machine. For a bit of a kick, you could choose contrasting thread!

Step 4: Hand Sew the Ends of Your Trim

Line up the trim that you have chosen and lay it over your ruffles. Cut the trim to the ends of the ruffles. The possibilities are endless....take a walk down the trim aisle at the fabric store and your options are unlimited. Hand sew the end of the trim to the end of the ruffles.

Step 5: Add Chain

Add a bit of chain to each end of your ruffles and trim. Use pliers to trim the chain to the desired length so the necklace hangs to your liking on your neck. Hand sew this on with a few more stitches.

Step 6: Add Jump Rings and Ribbon to Ends of Chain and Voila!

Add a jump ring to the ends of each chain and thread a thin ribbon through for some interest in the back. If you don't like the ribbon, just add a lobster clasp. Your necklace is complete!

Step 7: Check It Out on My Blog...



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oh oh oh I want one JUST like this!! :)

I just love everything about this necklace! Beautiful!