Ruffled Fisherman Baby Bunting


Introduction: Ruffled Fisherman Baby Bunting

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This is a baby bunting that I love to make for people. I bought a pattern from someone in England on Ebay and the ruffle is from that pattern and then I designed the bottom and sleeves myself. I used a microspun baby yarn.



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    This is such a beautiful knitted item for a baby girl.

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    thank you very much for letting me know that you like my crocheted baby bunting..I love this bunting also.

    The babies who received your bunting are so lucky. The collar lace and flower design are so nice. It is a fashion statement for the best dressed baby. Continued success with all your crochet projects! happyjean.

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    thank you...I just hope someday I'll have a granddaughter that will be able to wear all my cute frilly baby things!! LOL says; I just fell in love with this bunting. great job. The lace effect on the collar makes it twice as beautiful.

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    thank you ...I love the collar part adds so much to the bunting.

    Once again, awesome job. I myself (a boy) wouldn't want one, but I bet MANY people out there would, great job!

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    once again, thanks GorilazMiko for the kind words

    That looks lovely! A beautiful job.

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