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This is a baby bunting that I love to make for people. I bought a pattern from someone in England on Ebay and the ruffle is from that pattern and then I designed the bottom and sleeves myself. I used a microspun baby yarn.


reB57 (author)2008-10-30

This is such a beautiful knitted item for a baby girl.

capecodcrochet (author)reB572008-10-31

thank you very much for letting me know that you like my crocheted baby bunting..I love this bunting also.

happyjean (author)2008-02-12

The babies who received your bunting are so lucky. The collar lace and flower design are so nice. It is a fashion statement for the best dressed baby. Continued success with all your crochet projects! happyjean.

capecodcrochet (author)happyjean2008-02-13

thank you...I just hope someday I'll have a granddaughter that will be able to wear all my cute frilly baby things!! LOL

kiesterl (author)2008-02-05 says; I just fell in love with this bunting. great job. The lace effect on the collar makes it twice as beautiful.

capecodcrochet (author)kiesterl2008-02-05

thank you ...I love the collar part adds so much to the bunting.

GorillazMiko (author)2008-01-28

Once again, awesome job. I myself (a boy) wouldn't want one, but I bet MANY people out there would, great job!

once again, thanks GorilazMiko for the kind words

stinkymum (author)2008-01-28

what a beauty

capecodcrochet (author)stinkymum2008-01-28

thank you for the kind compliment

canida (author)2008-01-28

That looks lovely! A beautiful job.

capecodcrochet (author)canida2008-01-28

thank you so much..I love making it

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