After searching Instructables for a while, and not finding anything that was truly about the sport of rugby, I decided to take it upon myself to write my first 'ible about this great sport.

Ok, let's get one thing straight: rugby is a sport where gentlemen get to act like barbarians. That being said, let's get on with the basic rules of rugby so that those interested in picking up the sport will have a basic idea of the rules. We will also go over the positions, what they do, and those weird terms like the "ruck" and the "scrum".

Step 1: A Brief History of the Sport

Legend has it that the game originated at Rugby school (hence the name) in England, when one of the pupils, William Webb Ellis, picked up the ball during a game of soccer in 1823 and ran with it. Of course the story is most likely apocryphal, since games involving running with a ball in hand had existed for centuries before that.
Thanks tohttp://www.madison.k12.wi.us/laf/studact-athletics-rugby-about-history.shtml for this little paragraph on the beginings of rugby. Back then, a rugby team would take anyone they could convince to play, but as time has gone by, the pace of the game has increased. And thus, one must be in near-peak physical condition to play. But enough of that. For those of us who want to simply watch the game and be able to understand what's going on, please bear with me. We'll have to go over some terms before we can talk about what's going on. Otherwise, it would be like trying to explain the colors to a blind person. No offense meant to the blind community.
just a couple of comments from me<br /><br />1. ref's commands for scrum should be &quot;CROUCH, touch, pause, engage&quot;<br /><br />2. i understand that you explained why the instructable is thin onrules, but it is very hard to play without rules. things like &quot;theball must not move forwards on the field when trown&quot; (completelyunlike American rules) and knock on etc<br /><br />3. when you explain the purpose of forwards, it is all based around thescrum. they do other things like defend the ball in a ruck and act aslifters in a line-out too<br /><br />other than that, awesome! I'm from New Zealand myself so all of this iskinda second nature to me
<p>haha thts good to know theres someone else from down here on this site!!! </p><p>(like my profile pic:)</p><p>oh whoops! i just realised im 6 years late!:)</p>
What sort of Rugby is this - it would be good to comment on the different types? L
It's union, currently working on a follow-up on sevens and union.
opps, put union twice. replace the second union with league
<p>Yeah, was going to say... NRLs big in NZ + aussie.</p>
Thanks. Is it jut me, or has the system been updated to say (removed by author or community request)? L
the system has been updated to say that.
<p>Can a lady play?</p>
<p>ofcourse! im a lady haha and i just started playing rugby :)</p>
Good job just worth pointing out that the commands for the scrum are now crouch, bind (front row grabs opposition front row) and set ( lean into the opposition) when the ball is put in by the scrum half (9) you can then start to drive
Finally Something i can relate too on this site
Hey, you forgot "maul" I believe!
I did forget to put in the maul! Shame on me. thanks for pointing that out to me. I've fixed it. Let me know if I have left anything else or need to be more specific on something.
good instructable, i usually play loose-head prop, but i prefer rugby sevens since it seems to be more fast paced. 5 stars

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