OK, I was looking at evilmadscientist (the recent 20 millicentury article with the "use bike tubes as rubber bands" link and picture in it) and Tommi Potx's bike tube instructable, as well as cursing my busted flash drive casing, when I realized I could use an old bike tube as a new case.
EDIT: I just found that it was quite similar to thearchitect's flash drive "case mod" (right here), except in rubber, not leather. Giving credit where due.
You'll need:
A flash drive you can remove the case from
A bicycle inner tube
Rubber cement
Good scissors or x-acto knife.

Step 1: Remove.

Take the old case off of your flash drive. Or, if you prefer, you can skip this step. You can't leave the case on if your drive is a swivel-type, though.
You could use <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.plastidip.com/">Plastidip</a>and have a nicer finish ;)<br/><br/>
wow, i should try that some time...
Sweet, dude, I'll check that out when I get my new flash drive.
I'd say filling the original case with some epoxy and tool dipping it once you put it back together would yeild a much more rugged case. As it is the PCB is taking any strain exerted on the plug while if it were made solid with epoxy not only would it be pretty much waterproof but it would also even strain and add further impact resistance. Wrapping it with rubber tubing or tool dipping it would be a good further step, but at least you're thinking about these things. Keep it up.
I just covered mine in Epoxy. Waterproof, and about as crush-resistant as this. Lot easier, too.
be carful when opening thes my was melted shut by the factory and i stabbet my self three times witha screw driver
all right, I'll get to work in some better lighting... After I fix my flash drive. You see, when my drive's case broke, it considerably loosened the USB "prongs" and I was being careless with my ruggedized one and broke one off. I might end up just replacing it. New photos when I decide.
I can't see what you're doing in most of those pictures.
You need better images, please, but the idea is good.

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