Ruler and Leather Cuff Bracelet

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This Instructable will take you through the process of creating a handsome cuff bracelet from leather and a metal ruler that looks great on both men and women.  The total cost for the Ruler and Leather Cuff Bracelet should be right around 10 dollars for all the materials and you'll end up with enough materials left over to make a several more bracelets provided you buy a few extra metal rulers.  This is a quick project that can be finished in less than an hours and doesn't require many tools.  Enjoy!

  • Leather Belt -  Can be found for only a few dollars at your local thrift store.  Try to find a belt that is 100% leather as opposed to one that only looks like leather and is actually composed of several layers of various materials.
  • Small Metal Ruler - Check out your local tool store or craft store.  You'll want to find a thin ruler that will be easy to bend.
  • Rapid Rivets - Available from Michael's Crafts.  They sell two different packs, one pack includes just the rivets and one pack includes the rivets and the set tool.  If you don't have the set tool make sure to buy the pack that has it.
  • Button Snaps - Same deal as the Rapid Rivets, you can buy them at Michael's Crafts and they sell a pack that includes just snaps and a pack that includes the set tools.  Again get the pack that has the set tools if you don't already have them.

  • Drill and Drill Bits
  • Hammer
  • Ruler
  • Utility Knife
  • Saw for Cutting Metal
  • Rapid Rivet Set Tool
  • Button Snap Set Tool
  • Large Pipe Clamp
  • Flat Screw Driver
  • Wooden Template of your Wrist
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sarawelder4 months ago

thanks for the tip on the pipe clamp! I have been trying to bend a ruler evenly for a while!

'I wore bracelets made from rulers, before it was cool'

That is the most manly bracelet I have ever seen. Thank you so much for sharing and congratulations for Winning .

rmeltzer476 months ago

I really like this bracelet, all my belts were fake leather so I bought a small swatch from michaels with the snaps, and I think it looks great thanks for the 'ible!

Eldalote6 months ago

I study mechanical engineering and listen to rock and similar.... I can't think of better jewelry I could posibly wear! :D

foobear6 months ago

That is so beautiful. It's not easy to come up with jewelry that a man would actually wear, but I think some would not hesitate with this one.

jbpitcher6 months ago

Nice looking bracelet and a great tutorial. You got my vote.

deadon4516 months ago
I am going to try this for my son. It looks cool
Matt2 Silver (author)  deadon4516 months ago
Thanks deadon451, I'm glad you like the project and I hope your son thinks it's cool too!
Matt2 Silver (author) 6 months ago
Thanks for all the great compliments everyone, I'm glad you all enjoyed my Instructable!
Dreamchronic6 months ago
srilyk6 months ago
This is quite fantastic. I love it!
Arghus6 months ago
can't find leather bits around where i live, just a fake leather fabric
blizatrex6 months ago
I think i will be watching garage sales for an old ruler or 2.
Blacksedan476 months ago
nice idea! can be hady to have too
cdawisconsin6 months ago
Nice work.
Vega766 months ago
Wow really nice instructable, just not sure if i can sacrifice my only metal ruler. Again fantastic.
DMeyer1116 months ago
Nice work! For clarity you may want to change "diameter" to"circumference"in step 1.
Matt2 Silver (author)  DMeyer1116 months ago
Thanks for catching that for me DMeyeer111, the change has been made :)
aceammar6 months ago
nice work looks awesome
kreator6 months ago
super slick ;)
hjensen46 months ago
looks awesome