This color changing light is simple to make, fairly cheap and acts a perfect desk decoration to plug into your computer or wall! It's simplistic, yet beautiful with its multiple colors. 

Step 1: Materials

1 Rum bottle
12 LEDS: 
 - 1 white
 - 1 blue
 - 1 green
 - 1 yellow
 - 1 orange
 - 1 pink
 - 6 color changes
2 long wires
 - copper
 - aluminum
24 short wires at different lengths 
 - 12 copper
 - 12 aluminum
12 100-ohm resistors
Soldering iron
Sponge/wet piece of paper towel
Soldering stand
1 USB cable
Wire stripper/cutter (2 in 1 function)
1 Plier
great project but wouldnt it be nicer if you drilled a hole in the bottom and leave the cap on? your project would take a little longer. J.E.

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