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My third installment on booze-infused cupcakes, I decided to go with a favorite drink of mine - Rum & Coke!

I made a basic chocolate butter cake, with Coca-Cola, and a shot of Myers' Extra Dark Rum. Even after baking, the cupcakes still had a prominent spicy-rum taste, and the flavor of the Coca-Cola really showed through. Super, super moist and delicious.

But the buttercream was truly the star of this cupcake. I made an Italian Meringue Buttercream, and added vanilla extract and Myers' Extra Dark rum. Velvety, smooth, and almost mousse-like.

These were a HUGE hit with my friends! And yes, they were very boozy! :)


booga007 (author)2015-01-11

Instructables, not Instagram.

Love the idea, and want to try, but need some more info.

69fordf100 (author)2011-09-03

Great idea, but needs instructions please.

raen9982 (author)2011-07-03

would you mind can you give us the ingredients and procedure how you make this rum and coke cupcakes.

RockinRo (author)2011-06-16

Ooohhh I want to try these they sound soo yummy and I love rum and coke also!

oneprimalscream (author)RockinRo2011-06-23

Thank you! All Rum & Coke fans would get a kick out of these. They taste just like Rum & Coke!

Browncoat (author)2011-06-15

Can you be a little more specific about what you did? I love the idea of these!

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