Rum and Coke Cupcakes


Introduction: Rum and Coke Cupcakes

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My third installment on booze-infused cupcakes, I decided to go with a favorite drink of mine - Rum & Coke!

I made a basic chocolate butter cake, with Coca-Cola, and a shot of Myers' Extra Dark Rum. Even after baking, the cupcakes still had a prominent spicy-rum taste, and the flavor of the Coca-Cola really showed through. Super, super moist and delicious.

But the buttercream was truly the star of this cupcake. I made an Italian Meringue Buttercream, and added vanilla extract and Myers' Extra Dark rum. Velvety, smooth, and almost mousse-like.

These were a HUGE hit with my friends! And yes, they were very boozy! :)



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    Instructables, not Instagram.

    Love the idea, and want to try, but need some more info.

    Great idea, but needs instructions please.

    would you mind can you give us the ingredients and procedure how you make this rum and coke cupcakes.

    Ooohhh I want to try these they sound soo yummy and I love rum and coke also!

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    Thank you! All Rum & Coke fans would get a kick out of these. They taste just like Rum & Coke!

    Can you be a little more specific about what you did? I love the idea of these!