Step 7: Putting It Back Together

Picture of Putting It Back Together
If the paint has cured, we can put the mouse back together. The original screw holes are probably ruined now, so we will have to glue it shut. Put some hot glue around the edge of the top portion of the body and fit it down onto the mouse. Plug the mouse in and make sure that nothings wrong. If it works great, then awesome!

Go play a game and see how you like it. I didn't have any problems with the cursor being jittery, but if you do, you can add a resistor to the motor to slow it down a bit, or change the weight on the shaft to make it vibrate less.

I hope that this Instructable inspires someone to make a fun, quick mouse project.

Thanks for reading.
cheesebigot5 years ago
I used this mod a few months ago for April Fools' Day. I used an old cell phone vibrational motor and wired it to my girlfriend's mouse while she was gone. She came home, sat at her computer, double-clicked an icon and jumped sky high! Thanks for the project idea!
mattthegamer463 (author)  cheesebigot5 years ago
Thats pretty great, man.
twitch06016 years ago
Hey This Was A great Tutorial. I Never thought of it. Tho i should of. I just got done making one for myself. I didnt have to cut a hole in the mouse luckily to fit the motor. I just had to mess around with the placement and found a good spot. If anyone Wants to se any pics or anything just email me. Thank you for the Instructable.
marselsipod6 years ago
wait, so it rumbles non-stop? O.o
strmrnnr6 years ago
Coudn't you do this with a vibrator motor out of an old cell phone. The feel may be different though. Higher frequency instead of a 'rumble'. A lot less modifications too. Nice work.
Zealhybrid6 years ago
Great!! I´m doing it, but with an old cellphone vibrator.
hdesoto6 years ago
Maybe you could use an old cellphone vibrator.... I don't know how is the cellphone vibration system, but I suppose it is a smaller motor with outcentered weight... ? Maybe the Voltages don't fit... But for the size, that could fit into almost any mouse without the need of the hop, camel style mouse... hehe. Hernan.
toolman05676 years ago
hee hee I have always been thinking of doing the same thing , since I had an old PS2 controler tht i use for spares .... gr8 minds think alike !! its a well made and documented project ... n gd fun too.. i will try to make one Asap , only a cpl of questions.. since I use a Ps2 mouse not a Usb could it work ? i will chk for 5V in the mouse also , will it cause a drop in Voltage whilst using the mouse ?? and I think it'l be fun for it to vibrate when it scrolls on a highlighted sentence or web URL , in fact if it does, I could make a few and donate it to the local Visually challenged School ....can this be done ??? thnks n regds b/~
Yes reat minds think like... and so do you and mattthegamer463
GregPerrin6 years ago
That's awesome! It would be great to find a way to incorporate this into the mouse differently though, like having the motor move whenever a specific event on your computer occurs (say getting an IM or email.) If that can be done, I think this would be very marketable.
mattthegamer463 (author)  GregPerrin6 years ago
I don't see how that would serve any real purpose though, since if your hand is on your mouse, you'll be looking at the screen, and so you're able to see on-screen notifications of email or IM. Unless you want notifications when you're playing a full-screen game or something. Sound notifications work there too though.
It's probably just a personal preference then, but for games, and while working I would use it.
JeyNyce6 years ago
Very cool project, I wonder why companies like logitech didn't think of this??
sboy3656 years ago
good instructable, thanks should try it soon, may custom it and upload the results
IdrisB6 years ago
Wow, it looks amazingly smooth. I'm definitely buying a new mouse to do this.