Run Backups on any Wii Without a Modchip (Updated)

Picture of Run Backups on any Wii Without a Modchip (Updated)

NOTICE: I just updated the instructable, if there are any errors, tell me. I will be editing my
instructables for the next week or so.

The first version of this instructable was extremely outdated and the DVDs were really annoying.

In this version, you will be loading ISOs from you SD Card, USB Stick, or USB HDD.


Ace - If your gonna add to the instructable please use proper capitalization, grammar, line spacing, etc. Each step has an outline of what needs to be written there. The outline can be erased once you finish writing that step

What you Need:

Separate SD Card -or- USB Stick -or- USB HDD

Homebrew Enabled Wii (go here to enable it for homebrew)

Computer with SD Card Reader <= Required (even if your using usb to load ISOs)

If Using USB: Computer with USB Slots


2011 or similar errors- Fixing this is no longer hard, there is now a Trucha Bug restorer. PLEASE READ EVERYTHING ON PAGE...INCLUDING DISCLAIMERS.

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Step 1: Pre-notes

Please note that you will probably not need a 4.7 gigabyte storage device to hold one game. This may come as a shock to those of you who have messed around with ISOs for awhile, but a game like Wii Play is only 0.09 gigabytes. No I didn't mess up the decimal. The extra stuff that makes the ISO 4.7 gigabytes is sheared off and you get a cISO, or a compressed ISO. Wii Sports is only 0.3 gigabytes. Other games with more textures and story play are bigger, like Metroid Prime 3, which is 4.1 gigs. Supersmash Brothers Brawl is 6.4 gigabytes because the disc is dual layered. if you use a WBFS manager to copy over your ISOs you will see an "estimated size". I saw this size and almost fainted lol. my prediction of 25 games for 80 gigabytes of space shot up to 50+. I'm telling you this so you dont go overboard shopping for a 32 gigabyte flashdrive. If you have one of the older ipods with alot of free space, say about 10 gigabytes (you can do this with less, but i like 10 gigs), you could partition it off and store the cISO wii games on the Ipod itself! I will discuss this further in step 5.
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PURPLE XU23 days ago

Some of these links no longer work. Can you please give me ones that do? Thanks

Rookyindiana62 months ago

Hey whenever I put my SD card in and go to the Homebrew Channel the only thing there is the Homebrew Browser, I installed this earlier. Am I missing something? I did as the instructions said, granted I had to go find my own download links.

Thanks in advance

Some of the links are broken, and I can't search for them on my own because all you said is "download this" without saying what the file is called.

Can you please either re upload the links or tell me what the file is so I can download it!

akinich5 years ago
hey nice instructable
i have a question for you
i have a wii and it has a mod chip in it
can i do this if the mod chip is still inside?
will this damage my wii if there is a mod chip inside it when i do this
KenF1 akinich8 months ago

You don't need this if you have a modchip. You just burn the ISO onto a DVD-R and put that in your Wii. If you have a double-layered game, like Brawl, put it on a DVD-R DL.

wiihacks4 years ago
Hi, i dont understand when you say "Copy the CoverFloader folder into the SD://apps/ folder" wheres SD://apps/folder? Is it in my sd card? im confused
since i didnt understand where to copy coverfloader and cios rev 14, i copied them to the root of my sd card and when i plugged my card on the wii, i see nothing in the homebrew channel, please help!! sorry for being such a noob :(

Am I supposed to make a "Apps" folder in my card? :S
i have a similar problem, when i make an apps folder it has the same problem as yours. HELP US PLEASE!!!!!
Yes, if you do not have an "Apps" folder you should make one.
You sd card should have:
SD://apps/Cios Rev 14

hope that makes sense.
Ahmendo3 years ago
does his work with sd cards?
gccc563 years ago
I accept the agreement and choose IOS36 and then SD card and then it says something like

mounting device.....success
retrieving files......failed

Any help?
i cant shrink any volume, is it necessary for me to shrink volume? if it is can someone please help me to shrink volume. look at the two pictures so that its easier to understand.
In WBFS , there is a little tab at the top that says Format. Al you have to do is select the drive (E) and then click format, it automatically formats for you, then continue the rest of the steps.
 The seme here. How to solve it?? HELP!!
asdfps21234 years ago
does this work on 4.3?
Josh19994 years ago
plzzzzz help!!! i don't have the cIOS36 rev 14 installer. what do i do
openskys4 years ago
Well I am going to try this method out I think. I have tried to do this softmod with no success. So now this is going to be my last shot at it. I will follow this Instructable to the letter and see what happens. I will let anyone who is still following this know how it goes. If I am able to make this work anyone can. This will be a few days. Good Luck To Me!!
Wii_User5 years ago
Coverfloader doesnt evn show as a wad file on mine
ok i got it good luck to everyone else
dxer Wii_User4 years ago
where did you find it?
Svoboda4 years ago
Can i use the same card with homebrew installer on it?
it wont let me unzip it
ColdForge5 years ago
I am having similar issues as many of the other posters here. I went through and redid all the previous instructions 3 times just to be sure I had not made an error. I'm running 4.2 of course, so this may be the issue. Also, I'm using an 8gb sd hc card which I've used in the past to run homebrew with zero issues.

When I try to run the cIOS36 rev 10 installer, my remote freezes up and I get a black screen. I've waited a decent amount of time while periodically trying to turn my remote on with no success. If anyone has any ideas or solutions, I'd greatly appreciate it.
I found at somewhat stable cISO here:

But, now I am running into another issue I've seen people have run into. When I press A in the version selection screen (which is the first screen after selecting the cIOS installer in Homebrew) my remote no longer communicates with my Wii and I'm left at this first screen. I've tried my other remotes and simply waiting for over an hour with no positive results. Again, any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Hah! Long story short, I had to choose cIOS36 because I had not previous cIOS installed. If you use the link above, download that cISO and have no previous cIOS installed, choose cIOS36 and you should be able to move on to the next step. Onward!
 hi, I am running 4.2 also, I was wondering what you meant by choosing cIOS36 again since in your first post you said you had the black screen, since thats what I am getting too, I also tried your link to cIOS38 and same thing happened to me. What rev of cIOS36 did you end up using and can you post a link to it please? Thanks!!
Your having the same problem as I had because of the Truncha Bug. It's too long for me to explain and better minds have already done a great job on making a guide for it. READ IT FROM THE VERY BEGINNING, WORD FOR WORD. Here's the link:

I'm at the point where I've backed up all my games on an external harddrive and play them right from the harddrive. It took me a lot of research to get to this point and that link is where nearly 95% of that knowledge came from. Have fun. :)
@ColdForge, so what i have to do is to download the truncha bug and copy it to my sd card then plug it into my wii? its not clear enough on the page >.<
 The link is very helpful! Everyone should read (or at least skim) the guide before doing any wii hacking except for maybe homebrew channel and homebrew brower.
matstermind4 years ago
when i get to install the cios, i can move left and right to select the ios, but when i press "A" the remote disconnects. i am running 4.2U

I'm having a little trouble with the 2.0 installer. I think I've got everything installed correctly, I used the network option so all patches were applied ect. But I can't find the RunBackup channel anywhere on my Wii. I'm on 4.2E
Help? :-(
Okay, so a step by step of what I'm doing once I've run the cIOS36 rev 14...

1. I'm taken to a navigation page saying the following:

[+] Select IOS version to use during installation:
<IOS249> (My Wii freezes if I choose any option other than < Do Not Reload IOS > or < IOS254 >)

I get the disclaimer, to which I agree.

I select the WAD installation option as I seem to get further with that than I do with the Internet Option...

Everything goes fine except:
[+] Installing Custom IOS, please wait...
         >> Install Error! (ret = -2011)

Then below that it says:
[+] Finishing Installation, please wait... OK!
Press any button to restart...

Then I press a button on the Wii remote and I'm sent back to the Wii Menu with nothing changed. I've never done this before so I don't have a clue whats going wrong!
Any help would be greatly appriciated
Thank you :-)
ima3605 years ago
i keep getting Error -2011 just as soon as the installer gets to Istalling Custom IOS. help please?
asdlkj ima3605 years ago
ima360 - I'm having this 2011 error too and I tried scrolling through the two answers from Nlgdaman and nick999 but it's not black and white enough for me :( Are you having any luck on the matter?
same here!
We both suck ! Is thundaboy1047 ever going to provide a solution for us, directly?
i hope so........
He has.  Go back to the beginning of the instructable and read.  He posted a like to a place that will help with this problem.
Me too... nick999's and Nlgdaman's comments didn't help me either.
NIgdaman ima3605 years ago
I had the same Issue, but i used this link, the "Wii Fix" directtions(note read the steps and do not follow the video only for the ISO downgrader section).
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