Picture of Run Backups on any Wii Without a Modchip
Welcome to my instructable on how to run backed up Wii games without a Modchip.

All who get "DVD Read Error (324)" go to step 5

How It works:: Well the Wii System Menu currently runs on IOS30 (for all those who understand IOS). Homebrew runs on IOS35, and basically what you are going to do today is to install a Custom IOS36 into IOS249 (Won't effect your wii)

This is a Sequel to this guide here.

NOTE: Only follow this guide if you own a copy of the game. My copy of Super Mario Sluggers got stepped on so i got it from a bay of pirates, which, again, is perfectly legal if you own the game. If you get a game without owning it first it is called PIRACY and is ILLEGAL. I am not responsible for your Illegal actions and hold NO LIABILITY.

Okay, lets begin.

You need:

Homebrew Channel
SD Card
Computer With DVD-R Burner
DVD-Rs (The higher quality the better)
Wii (Duh)

Step 1: Getting the Files

Get the Files

1. Get all of the files here

2. Copy the CONTENTS of the folder Copy the CONTENTS to ROOT to the ROOT of the SD Card

3. There is an ImgBurn Installer there if you want it

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Error -2011 means you dont have the trucha bug on your wii and that you need to downgrade ios15 and install a patched ios36 then you should be just fine
My 4.2 Wii failed at this step too. Apparently you have to DOP Mii it and configure some IOSs before you run cIOS. I forgot how I found this link, but it sure helped me xD


There's more than the DOPmii thing on there and it's all pretty useful information - I bookmarked it, but I only needed that page to follow the rest of this guide. Anyway, I am running burned discs on my 4.2U Wii and my shop channel works fine. YOU DON'T HAVE TO DOWNGRADE :D
same problem :(
Did you find an anwser  to this?
I have that error as well.
I have this same problem... Please help.
SevnSins4 years ago
New Link - http://rapidshare.com/files/429066010/SD_Card_Files.zip
Link Dead
Spyke123245 years ago
link dead
bmnot5 years ago
Hey nice tutorial but the link is dead :(
Scroll down to Chunky 1958 he has the link
Svoboda5 years ago
cAn i use same SD card with homebrew installer on it?
I think so. Yes you can
Svoboda5 years ago
Can i use the same card with homebrew installer on it?
Can this just be within the homebrew channel, or does it have to be an independent channel(can I launch it from the homebrew channel if I want without installing it directly to the menu)?
dragydof5 years ago
help can i use dvd+RW too?
Yepp! DVD+RW works on wii. Just burn it on 1x on imgburn. I did burn it on 4x once and the movies in the game did play really slow. 1x will play movies faster, try it out! I have a likely disk as the picture shows but DVD+RW instead.
Maxwell DVD+R works fine with Wii, serial lu70
so this guide and ta youtube instructional helped very me very much to work this hack.

Wii Hack WORKING All Firmwares & All Serials LU70

if your getting errors ending with 2011 give the link above a try
its a boring video considering it just words on the screen and you have to pause it alot but the instructions are also in the download located when you click more info hope this helps someone... RockfordFella
best to use dvd-R i use them work nice and load fast hope it helps
llt12145 years ago
hi. i bought a wii which is already modified. now i downloaded an iso from the net and burned it in a dvd-rw. when i tried to play it in my wii i get the error loct1. can you please help me?
re-writables won't work...just burn it to a DVD-r....not plus R's or RW's
Well DVD+RW from Sony works for me. No problems.
junits155 years ago
i have a problem installing the truncha bug restorer to install cios. Every time I try it just fails or freezes and i have no idea why. Have you ever used the truncha bug restorer? I'm running out of ideas If nothing else works I'll have to use the firmware down grader, which i dont want to do, can you help?
ryepie5 years ago
please help me ive downloaded wii homebrew channel and mplayer ce and then got the dvdx install and i try to install that but it keeps cumin up error 2011 stub ticket,and i presume u need that for the backup up launcher too please help its for my young daughter please help make it work ooh and its running on 4.1e
Madrman5 years ago
Hello everyone,

I'm new here and also new to Wii.

I followed the instructions and copied the files to SD but I cannot get the Homebrew running.

I'm using Wii V3.4E and the message I receive when trying to add a channel from SD is that the SD does not have a proper device.

Appreciate your help.... Also, can someone put the files on another shared site like 4Shared?

Eaterout5 years ago
i cant do this part! my screen goes black and my controller shuts off.

any ideas?
i found the answer. scroll down till u see funnycat53
same here
The Landon5 years ago
Dude can you please give me the link to the files; the one on step 1 is broken and I dont want to download each, it could go wrong
oves1235 years ago
hey i just wanted to know if you do this will i still be able to play online please reply as soon as possible. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! thanx in advance to whoever replies to this.
ok please please help i know you might not care but please help so when i load my backup game i get the         error #002 please eject        how do i fix i have fw 4.2u and im trying to load call of duty reflex. please help!
 Do you actually own the game?
correct me if im wrong... this is for nintendo wii ntsc 3.4 right ? i have wii pal 4.2... downloaded the 4.2 wii link but my wii freezes when i try to install any of those apps...

eventhough i have followed every step my pal version won't stop freezing when i try to install the wii backuploader and when i try to install dvdx i give me an error note what am i doing wrong?

done...works brilliantly...the instructions were a bit hard to follow..thats why i couldnt get it right.. but i understood the whole process so every step was easier after that...

thanks again!
ujmik5 years ago

I am trying following this guide untill I found I have installed cIOS202 on my wii, which I need to play SMB movie using mplayerCE. will this conflict with ios249?If yes how to uninstall cIOS202? Thanks.
carmybaby5 years ago
http://rs534.rapidshare.com/files/190449984/SD_Card_Files.zip                         this link  works,  I just downloaded it free today March20/2010.  Thank you for the link awesome.
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