Step 3: Install DVDx

Picture of Install DVDx
Any DVDx installed must be uninstalled before preceding.

Step 1: Open The Homebrew Channel

Step 2: Select the app labeled "Apps/DVDx/boot.dol", and hit load

2a. Select "Advanced Install"
2b. For IOS, select 249 (IOS249) (You have to use the D-Pad to select 249)
2c. Hit Install

Your Done Installing DVDx

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orazvan4 years ago
hello..i have a question..this mod works without an original game? and it works on 4.3 wii? thanks in advance
funnycat535 years ago
im on 4.2 and when i hit "install" it says this:

Installing DVD Stub with ISO249...
Loading DVD Stub...
Fixing up TMD Signature...
Installing DVD Stub ticket...
Error -2011 installing DVD Stub ticket
Error -2011 installing stub

please help!
Error -2011 means you dont have the trucha bug on your wii and that you need to downgrade ios15 and install a patched ios36 then you should be just fine
My 4.2 Wii failed at this step too. Apparently you have to DOP Mii it and configure some IOSs before you run cIOS. I forgot how I found this link, but it sure helped me xD


There's more than the DOPmii thing on there and it's all pretty useful information - I bookmarked it, but I only needed that page to follow the rest of this guide. Anyway, I am running burned discs on my 4.2U Wii and my shop channel works fine. YOU DON'T HAVE TO DOWNGRADE :D
same problem :(
Did you find an anwser  to this?
I have that error as well.
I have this same problem... Please help.
ryepie5 years ago
please help me ive downloaded wii homebrew channel and mplayer ce and then got the dvdx install and i try to install that but it keeps cumin up error 2011 stub ticket,and i presume u need that for the backup up launcher too please help its for my young daughter please help make it work ooh and its running on 4.1e
diazny155 years ago
Im having the same problem like everyone else....my wii is upgraded to 4.2 would there be any other software I could use to get the dvdx to work.....
gazza136 years ago
i have a problem when i go to install the dvdx there is no 249 and if i try to istall the 254 it will not let me it says error
mryner46 years ago
im using 4.0, and 249 is not an option on the numbers, what do I do?
Noltron mryner46 years ago
THe following will work becuase it installs cIOS 249. IOS: What is it? right here. that way u know what it is, so u no wat to do with it and how to use it. http://www.mikeandheth.com/games/112-the-straight-dope-on-cios-for-wii.html
Noltron mryner46 years ago
can this be done with system menu 4.0? i have tried downgradin my system but it wont downgrade no matter what i try.

i also have the same problem as crackr i dont have the option of 249!!!

the33dude336 years ago
Hey, are there any benefits to installing DVDx into IOS249? I don't see why you can't just do a normal installation.
when I click "install" it always comes up with an error! I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I've followed the instructions to the letter!! grrr...... Please help, someone?? thanks Shadowkinght101.
JimsBid6 years ago
Thank you So Much! I've been reading everything I could and could not get ver 3.4 installed until I downloaded and run your instructions! Mario Cart working like a charm now. Jim
13thchild6 years ago
For all those how have 3.4 and can't get iso 249, follow the instructions on this video, instructions are to the right of the video clip. This will allow you to use DVDx.

acumen6 years ago
Hi everybody, i just installed Hombrew with Twilight 3.4 When i try to install DVDx there isn't the IOS 249, i move the numbers with the D - Pad but there is not this number.. What i am supposed to do? Thanks for your anwsers
Hey .. If ya find any way to get this to work on 3.4U , please let me know. I keep getting the error 2011 too. I cant get step 3 to install correctly. Thanx for suggestions.
conradev (author)  acumen6 years ago
cIOS wont install on 3.4
cruz016 years ago
this isnt working for me i kept getting error -2011 installing DVD Stub ticket error -2011 installing stub what am i doing wrong? ive installed everything ive downgraded my firmware to 3.2E :S whats wrong?
WallE546 years ago
You can also use normal install, but how come it says that there is an error? I have version 3.4 U
Hello, I have version 3.1U and I am not seeing the option of IOS 249....i do not see three digit numbers...only two digit going up to 36....any help please?
seanybiker6 years ago
So far so good. I feel like a computer geek cos everything is working grand for me and loads of other people are having problems lol. Im on version 3.0e so maybe thats it I dunno.
ok for me this step is not working... i am following all the instructions perfectly with the files linked to on the main page, but it is saying: error -2011 installing DVD Stub ticket error -2011 installing stub am i still missing something?
This is infuriating me as well, i have just downgraded to 3.2E from 3.4E my ios says its ios36 V12.18.....DVDX will still not install i get error -2011 installing DVD Stub ticket error -2011 installing stub What does this actually means any ideas? Pleading Craig H
Was ur problem solved?
conradev (author)  theshinowyfl906 years ago
maybe its the fact that you updated your wii
fayyaz1006 years ago
i dunno wtf im doing but there is no ios249 for me and i installed cIOS
As others say, you probably have version 3.4 or the more tricky (because you can't see it) version 3.3v2 (the Wii only tells you that it's 3.3 - if its v1 or v2 it don't tell you).
I had great success downgrading my Wii from 3.3v2 til 3.2 by following the guide from this youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUiHK4-LNlAhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUiHK4-LNlA
In the description you'll find a link for all the files you need, and the guid (which is in 3 parts) tells you what to do by showing it in realtime.

Good luck and have fun :-)
lynnr2136 years ago
I have 3.4u installed with the TW Homebrew. I followed the directions but I am unable to get the option for IOS 249 under the Advanced install option. I have the homebrew channel on the WII Menu. There was a mention that cIOS would not install on 3.4 but being that Homebrew was able to get an update for 3.4, is this still the case? Is there any other way to play burned games? Is there a way to revert to a previous firmware version that will not "brick" my WII. I also read somewhere that there are some games that just will not work, does anyone know what these games are?
cyntalan6 years ago
Alright, following all the steps, I get everything set up, but when doing Launch Game for a disc, I get an error... well, it looks more like two errors, but they write over each other, so it's difficult to ascertain what they say, but what I can make out two words, "Set" and "DVD". The rest are impossible to read within the small window before it goes back to menu from error. Any ideas?
i am having the same problem as cyntalan.....can any one provide some much needed help? i have firmware 3.2u i've been trying to get this to work for a while now thanks
All went well, after installing the dvdx thing, the wii froze and all i could do was pulling the plug, now the start button doesn't do anything anymore and the controller by pushing A lights up the 4 bleu lights. Is this the end of my console ????
whocaresit6 years ago
Will NORMAL INSTALL not work? Why should we select IOS 249??? Someone please resolve my burning doubt! Kindly.
conradev (author)  whocaresit6 years ago
Normal install is installing it for the IOS that Homebrew runs on. IOS249 is what The backup launcher runs on, and that is what you need to install it on
What's IOS 249? Isn't the custom IOS, 36? (Sorry I'm new and trying to get educated here ( :- } ) -- Can you create a new Tutorial on using Backups directly from Disc Channel with "MenuPatcher" by Waninkoko?
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