Picture of Run Homebrew on any Wii (v4.2)
The first instructable 'Run Homebrew on any Wii' was getting (really) outdated


Here's the NEW and IMPROVED version of my instructable that:

supports version 4.2
has no need for Twilight Princess

What you need:

SD Card
Computer with SD Card reader

What this guide will enable you to do:

Install the Homebrew Channel
Install BootMii
Install DVDx

Step 1: OPTIONAL: Format the SD Card

Picture of OPTIONAL: Format the SD Card
This Step should only be performed if this guide doesn't work, it is merely here as a troubleshooting precaution.

How to format an SD Card

For Windows Users:

Insert SD Card
Right Click on My Computer
Click Manage
Under Storage in the dropdown menu double click on Disk Management
Right Click on Your SD Card and select Format
Select FAT from the dropdown menu
Click Format

For Mac Users

Open Disk Utility

Click on your SD Card (the second one down (the one that's indented))
Click on the Erase Tab
Select MS-DOS (FAT) from the dropdown menu
Click Erase
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TSC3 years ago
What if you don't have Zelda Twilight Princess?
build523 years ago
What if you don't have Zelda Twilight Princess?
Hassaan7865 years ago
 I can't seem to install dvdx for some reason. anyone able to help?

i went to the website and it said dvdx was taken out because the newest fersion of homebrew has it incorperated into it
Svoboda5 years ago
CRAP! i acidentally installed 4.3 (E).... im lost am i?
mike!!! Svoboda3 years ago
like i said to Wii_User
letterbomb works
select 4.3E
i did the same :( did you try it and if so, did it work?
I have a 4.1 version, do these steps work for it, I have tried other steps but not getting much success.
i think it's v4.2 and lower
Tommy1595 years ago
I don't have a as card reader on my computer but I have a usbflash drive. Will this work on a USB flash drive? Pleeze Reply!
get a USB card reader
No, it won't. Sorry
Wii_User5 years ago
i accidently formatted my wii n i think its 4.3 now...anyone no how 2 downgrade so that i cud put homebrew bak on?
try letterbomb
and select 4.3

go to youtube and search for 'how to downgrade your wii from a 4.3.to 3.3

It should work but if it doesn't e-mail back, i will find a solution ASAP and reply
I ran new super mario bros. wii on my wii and it said that it iupdated software (it also deleted my homebrew channel :P) is this version 4.3?
yes its called smash stack and it works with 4.3. just google smash stack wiibrew and click download under links.
indiana pwns also works but smash stack is easier.
thanks but i already got it to wrk n found that it was the same version still
jcrawford984 years ago
Im Scared My Wii Going Too Get Bricked . I Don't Know What It Is But , Please Tell Me If This Process Will Brick It
Bricking means that your system is incapable of being played. Nintendo will brick your Wii if they find the HomeBrew Channel (They search for it everytime you do a system update). Basically, the severity of the bricking depends on what you've done. For the homebrew channel, Nintendo may decide to ban you only from Wi-Fi. Then again, they may not.

Usually if you delete the HomeBrew channel, Nintendo won't brick you. But just incase, not to put down your Instructable Thundaboy1037, but don't install the HomeBrew chanel if you're worried about getting bricked.
silvrmunky5 years ago
 Hum ok well hopefuly someone can help.. I have tried the above, copied the boot.elf file and son to the sd card. But when I put the card in and such it just doesnt do anything at all, just shows empty blocks.. I have tried differnt versions and what not and it wont even load or freeze..
I dont know if any body has replied to your problem, I looked on you tube one said it is very important that you should click on wii icon, click on data management, click on wii channel then sd card, it still didnt work any way, it said that it could not this data.
totalost5 years ago
2 questions:

1. I plan to use a USB HDD, do I still need an SD Card?
2. How do I find out which version my Wii is at?
you need an sd card to install the homebrew, the wii won't recognize the usb hard disk as a memory device. to find out which version your wii is, go to the settings-wii settings and it will be in the top right corner.
akinich5 years ago
hey nice instructable
i have a question for you
i have a wii and it has a mod chip in it
can i do this if the mod chip is still inside?
will this damage my wii if there is a mod chip inside it when i do this
i dont know much about computers but do "extract" and "unzip" mean the same thing. And when i downloaded the thing i got a folder with four files. do i unzip or extract the whole thing or just some of the files in it because i downloaded winzip and now when i open the folder it automatically opens into the winzip thing. thank you
conradev (author)  jumboshrimpkid6 years ago
1. yes they are the same thing. 2. It clearly states to take the installer.elf file and put it on your desktop. you dont have to worry about the other three files. hten rename this "installer.elf" file to "boot.elf" and put it on the beginning of the SD Card
Hey I downloaded the hackmii installer but can't find installer.elf

Any suggestions?

TyMan2105 years ago
For Ubuntu users:
Go to: Places > Computer
Then right click the SD card and click "Format...".
jackb705 years ago
do i need zelda game to do it?
conradev (author)  jackb705 years ago
Rportal6 years ago
all the homebrew channel is is bubbles. is that good
It's more than that. If you have the right files and folders on your SD Card, you can play DVDs, use emulators, and get Channels for free. The bubble screen lists what applications you have on your card. It's just bubbles for you because you don't have any apps properly installed on your card. But don't worry, I will make an Instructable on how to do all that once I figure out how to do it. I'll let you know when it's out.
conradev (author)  Rportal6 years ago
Yup, you need to add apps to do stuff with it
Captin696 years ago
Awsome Tutorial It worked without any fuss. TY
My wii is v4.1 can i still put the homebrew channel on my wii
asdlkj6 years ago
I don't think I know what I'm doing :( I've tried to follow everything ... a black screen with lots of writing looked like it froze so I reset the wii ... now I seemingly have a homebrew channel but if I click on the start there are only bubbles and nothing else!? Nothing happens unless I press the home button but then the four options are "Edit, Return to Main etc" If I am supposed to download an application file ... I know that one post has been deleted ?! What do I do, please?
avianeddy6 years ago
This sounds AWESOME.. I'm gonna try it as soon as possible. P.S. THANKS for providing all those links to the downloads!
YESSS!! It worked, exactly as you laid it out. And I didnt have to rent Zelda. Thanks a bunch! I installed Everything (bootMii, and DVDx).... but to be safe, Do you have any last words of caution to avoid bricking? Apps to avoid .. etc???
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