Introduction: How to Run Windows 3.1,95 on a PSP Updated!(the Original How-to)

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NOTE: Someone Stole my Instructable, Care to look at the Publishing dates.
Here I will show you how to Setup and Run Windows 3.1 Andor Windows 95 on a PSP.
Ever wanted To run Windows 95 On a PSP?
If so this Instructable is for you.
Note:I do not have a camera the pictures will be ScreenShots taken in the PSP and in the computer you will be setting it up in.
Just in case you don't know this is not permanent,Instead It is a program within the PSP's Operating system that Emulates a x86 PC on the PSP.
Edit: If any (non pro) person wants to download the PDF Click here

Step 1: What You Will Need

Picture of What You Will Need
Here is a list of what you need for this project
  • A bit of knowledge of using a computer(Copying files,Creating directories and such)
  • A PSP Memory stick of At least 256MB(512 Highly recommended) Space Available
  • A PSP SLIM with Custom Firmware 3.XX or above or a PSP Any Capable of running homebrew
  • An internet connection to download the semi-large files
  • DOSbox 0.50 or above(included)
  • An installation of Windows 3.1 or Windows 95(included)
Note:A PSP PHAT May work but will only be able to give DOSbox 4MB or Ram

I have a few pic that i dug up from the web to show the difference between a SLIM and a PHAT PSP

Step 2: Download the Necessary Files.

Picture of Download the Necessary Files.
Ok,now you need to download
  • DOSbox 0.72 For the psp
  • DOSBox Config file
  • The Hard disk Images(pre-made with Windows 3.1 and Windows 95)
  • The OS starting batch files(not required but it saves you a good ten minutes typing on the psp)
The Windows 95 Hard Disk image: Download 51.92 MBEdit: The windows 95 disk image disappeared from my server, sorry guys.
The Windows 3.1 Image: Download 11 MB
DOSBox PSP With Preset Config files: Download 865.66 KB
OS Starter Batch files for DOSBox: Download 658 Bytes
Save all the files to a folder and extract them all there.

Step 3: Create Folders,Copy Files

Picture of Create Folders,Copy Files
Ok now that you got all of the files ready and extracted,Next you need to create folder on your PSP's Memory stick.
The most important one is the one called hdd which contains all of the Disk Images and Batch files.
Create a folder called hdd In the Root of the PSP's memory stick.
Copy(or move) the following files to the Folder hdd
  • w95.img - The Windows 95 Hard Disk image
  • win31.iso - The Windows 3.1 Image(Its an iso because iso files don't freeze since it does not boot from the image)
  • osrun.bat (Starts either Windows 95 OR Windows3.1)
  • 31run.bat (Opens Windows 3.1)
  • 95run.bat (Boots up windows 95)
Note:Make sure that the file names are correct or else it wont work.

Once you have Done that next you need to copy The DOSBox program for the psp to the right folder.
If you have a PSP with Custom Firmware copy the DOSBox files(Eboot.pbp,DOSBOX.CONF,any .prx files and the DOSBox.patch file ) to MSROOT:\PSP\GAME150\DOSBox(create that folder)


If you have a PSP with OFW 1.5 Copy it to MSROOT:\PSP\GAME\DOSBOX

Now you should be done with this step

Step 4: Crash Test

Picture of Crash Test

Ok now it should all be Done.
Exit USB Mode on your PSP and Try and run DOSBox.
If you don't get a "The game could not be started" Error Then your psp's screen should show the PSP Logo and then Should look like the third picture.
Also if your psp freezes(memory stick light stays off for a long time ) It means that it froze(its normal).
If it happens just restart the program and try again.

Step 5: How to Start It

Picture of How to Start It

Ok in this step i will show you how to start windows and a bit of info on how it works.
The "autoexec" All of this will execute at startup so i will show you what each action means.

[autoexec] --- This is found in the DOSBOX.CONFIG file
@ECHO off
cls --- Clears the screen
SYSOPT clock 333 --- Sets the psp to run at full speed
mount g ms0:/hdd --- Will mount the folder that we made that is called HDD as drive G:
imgmount c g:/w95.img -t hdd -fs fat -size 512,63,16, --- Mounts the Image as a drive in DOSBox
imgmount d g:/win31.iso -t iso --- Mounts the Image as a drive in DOSBox
mount m ms0:/MUSIC --- Mounts the Music Folder as drive M"
PAUSE --- Will say "Press any key to continue"
g: --- Switches to drive G:
osrun.bat --- Starts the OS Starter to Startup Windows

So Once it starts you press START or any button on the psp.
Then It will Show...
OS Starter 1.2
Next, You press START or any button Again.
Then it will ask you...
Do you want to start Windows 3.1?
Y is Left-Up(you press the Left Arrow the Up Arrow )
N is Circle-Triangle(You press The Circle button then The Triangle)
Then is says...
Press Y or N:
If you want to start Windows 3.1 You Press The LEFT Arrow then the UP Arrow.
If not You Press the Circle button And then The Triangle.
If you say no It will ask you if you want to start Windows 95
It will show...
Do you want to start Windows 95?
Y is Left-Up(you press the Left Arrow then the Up Arrow )
N is Circle-Triangle(You press The Circle button then The Triangle)
Press Y or N :
If you want to start Windows 95, Then you press The left arrow key Then The Up arrow Key On your PSP.
Then you have to wait about a Minute for it to start Windows 95(If your on a PSP Slim but if your On a PHAT it may take longer)
You don't need to Login to Windows 95, Instead it will automatically start.(NOTE:If it does not load within 5 Minutes Close DOSBox and Try Again)

Step 6: Enjoy

Picture of Enjoy

Thanks for reading and point out any spelling/grammar mistakes.
Also Here are a few pictures of it running Windows 95 and Windows 3.1!
Possibilities:I have seen Visual Basic 4 out there for windows 95,It runs well on Windows xp too so You could write a program for Windows 95 in the psp like maybe an alarm clock,MIDI/MP3 Player or whatever you want.
Update:I got Windows 98 SE to run, But it is Very Slow, it took 10 minutes to start, and another 10 minutes just to open the start menu.

Step 7: Pictures of the Final Product

Picture of Pictures of the Final Product

I took a few Pictures with a Little IBM Webcam that I have.
They aren't to high-res or high-quality but it shows the PSP running Windows 95
Post your own pictures Of it In A comment too!
Thanks for reading and be sure to Rate!


ethancedrik (author)2014-10-24

Sorry, here's the working link on mediafire, just unzip, copy over and you will be good to go

ethancedrik (author)ethancedrik2014-10-24

Tell me if this dosen't work, i'll fix it

ethancedrik (author)2014-10-24

Delete this, working link above

ethancedrik (author)2014-10-24

I can post the W95.IMG image file here if anyone needs it

호민이 (author)2014-09-30

I want download that files :(

conradev (author)2009-04-07

the download links are dead, and on the page says that if files were lost, just re-upload them

ReCreate (author)conradev2009-04-07

Yes i know,im planning to upload them soon.

conradev (author)ReCreate2009-04-08

make a free collectors account at rapidshare

ReCreate (author)conradev2009-04-08

No,i have my own server. And you will be able to download the files simultaneously,at a much faster speed with no need to wait.

conradev (author)ReCreate2009-04-08

yeah i have a Windows Home Server also if you want my help hosting it

ReCreate (author)conradev2009-04-08

well a mirror would be nice,and my server is one that i am paying for ,ftp space ,unlimited bandwidth,goodies like that

joaoasduarte (author)ReCreate2011-07-20

Win95 still down...

ReCreate (author)joaoasduarte2011-07-20

UPDATE: It will remain down indefinitely

SORC (author)ReCreate2014-06-14

5 to 2 years later. Well? What now?

wat do?

ReCreate (author)SORC2014-06-15

I'll check in my archives to see if it's still there. If not then there's nothing i can do. I don't even own a PSP anymore.

Tom1795xx (author)2011-07-01

The jack goes on the queen.

LoganRussell (author)2011-06-11

I found a copy of the windows 95 img! It is an exact copy of the dead link above! ENJOY!

KingVII (author)2011-05-28

Can i play Fallout 1 and DOOM2?

joaoasduarte (author)2011-02-13

The Windows 95 Hard Disk image: Download 51.92 MB
The link is down.....

ReCreate (author)joaoasduarte2011-02-13

Im sorry. The link should be up. This is horribly old. not sure what happened to the host. I'll look into it.

joaoasduarte (author)2011-02-13

Holly crap!!!
That realy works!!!!
Still wait for the Windows 95 Image File!

devicemodder (author)2010-11-26

windows 95 link is down i need a copy of 95

trickster208 (author)2009-12-08

what do if it says "This game could not be started. The data is corrupted"?


ReCreate (author)M4industries2010-11-22

But I, I WON the game, you know why? I modified the game, whenever you think of the game now, you win, and everyone else, relative to you, loses. Meaning that i win, and you loose.

M4industries (author)ReCreate2010-11-22

Please don't try to start that on 4chan! The game is only over when the Prime Minister of the UK declares on television that the game is over.

rdy2kll (author)trickster2082010-09-02

YOU FOOL!! why would you want to start THE GAME!?

ReCreate (author)trickster2082009-12-08

That means your PSP has the wrong firmware, The one that comes with the PSP when you buy it new. What you have to do is follow a custom firmware tutorial somewhere or apply a GEN patch.

v1no (author)2010-11-21

do not respond when I choose to run Win3.1

zack247 (author)2010-10-13

1000's have networking, just maybe not with older firmware. my 1000 can browse the web ad play flash games...
nice 'ible!

ReCreate (author)zack2472010-10-25

Yes, I think the web browser was added in the firmware version 2.x. (this ible was done long ago, before i knew that)

flamtz (author)2009-05-26

There is also a "fat" which has internet is it okay? (Probably the version just before slim)

flamtz (author)flamtz2009-05-26

Also... is there a custom 5.5 firmware?

esplonky (author)flamtz2010-07-22

yes. look up 5.50 gen(full)

thefoodman (author)flamtz2010-06-16

Just look up papaton 2 exploit on youtube,and this will work.

ReCreate (author)flamtz2009-05-26

No,I don't Even think that there is Official 5.5 Firmware yet.

thefoodman (author)2010-06-18

The download is down.

N1CK4ND0 (author)2010-05-03

Heh heh heh...

That_Guy28 (author)2010-03-02

HELP!!! It won't let me download the Windows 95 image! How do I mke my own with Virtual Box or MS Virtual PC?
Windows 3.1 is cool! but I would like to have windows 95.

ReCreate (author)That_Guy282010-03-08

It looks to me that the file is down. I'll try re-uploading it ASAP.

dinky (author)2009-12-04

windows already chrashed on a pc, why try it on a PSP? 

allenmt (author)dinky2010-01-12

 a its portable think of it its a  pocket sized computer

ReCreate (author)dinky2009-12-05

Because your statement is bull'.

poparoo4 (author)2009-08-19

Why do you imply that you need a slim. When you don't.....

Arbitror (author)poparoo42009-11-14

Ok... Because the Slim has 64mb of RAM, while the fat only has 32mb. Guess which is better for running windows.

poparoo4 (author)Arbitror2009-11-15

Yes I know but you can still use the phat can't you 

Arbitror (author)poparoo42009-11-15

Yes, just really slowly.

ReCreate (author)poparoo42009-08-19

Did i?

Arbitror (author)2009-11-14

So where can I get official updates on DOSBox for PSP? Great job by the way!

ReCreate (author)Arbitror2009-11-14

You don't, Dosbox was just ported by someone, Only 2 versions where ported years ago, And dosbox On the PSP itself is not official..

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