Picture of How to run Windows 3.1,95 On a PSP Updated!(the original how-to)
NOTE: Someone Stole my Instructable, Care to look at the Publishing dates.
Here I will show you how to Setup and Run Windows 3.1 Andor Windows 95 on a PSP.
Ever wanted To run Windows 95 On a PSP?
If so this Instructable is for you.
Note:I do not have a camera the pictures will be ScreenShots taken in the PSP and in the computer you will be setting it up in.
Just in case you don't know this is not permanent,Instead It is a program within the PSP's Operating system that Emulates a x86 PC on the PSP.
Edit: If any (non pro) person wants to download the PDF Click here

Step 1: What you will need

Picture of What you will need
Here is a list of what you need for this project
  • A bit of knowledge of using a computer(Copying files,Creating directories and such)
  • A PSP Memory stick of At least 256MB(512 Highly recommended) Space Available
  • A PSP SLIM with Custom Firmware 3.XX or above or a PSP Any Capable of running homebrew
  • An internet connection to download the semi-large files
  • DOSbox 0.50 or above(included)
  • An installation of Windows 3.1 or Windows 95(included)
Note:A PSP PHAT May work but will only be able to give DOSbox 4MB or Ram

I have a few pic that i dug up from the web to show the difference between a SLIM and a PHAT PSP

ethancedrik10 months ago
Sorry, here's the working link on mediafire, just unzip, copy over and you will be good to go

Tell me if this dosen't work, i'll fix it
ethancedrik10 months ago
I can post the W95.IMG image file here if anyone needs it
호민이11 months ago

I want download that files :(

conradev6 years ago
the download links are dead, and on the page says that if files were lost, just re-upload them
ReCreate (author)  conradev6 years ago
Yes i know,im planning to upload them soon.
make a free collectors account at rapidshare
ReCreate (author)  conradev6 years ago
No,i have my own server. And you will be able to download the files simultaneously,at a much faster speed with no need to wait.
yeah i have a Windows Home Server also if you want my help hosting it
ReCreate (author)  conradev6 years ago
well a mirror would be nice,and my server is one that i am paying for ,ftp space ,unlimited bandwidth,goodies like that
Win95 still down...
ReCreate (author)  joaoasduarte4 years ago
UPDATE: It will remain down indefinitely
SORC ReCreate1 year ago

5 to 2 years later. Well? What now?

wat do?

ReCreate (author)  SORC1 year ago

I'll check in my archives to see if it's still there. If not then there's nothing i can do. I don't even own a PSP anymore.

Tom1795xx4 years ago
The jack goes on the queen.
I found a copy of the windows 95 img! It is an exact copy of the dead link above! ENJOY!

KingVII4 years ago
Can i play Fallout 1 and DOOM2?
The Windows 95 Hard Disk image: Download 51.92 MB
The link is down.....
ReCreate (author)  joaoasduarte4 years ago
Im sorry. The link should be up. This is horribly old. not sure what happened to the host. I'll look into it.
Holly crap!!!
That realy works!!!!
Still wait for the Windows 95 Image File!
windows 95 link is down i need a copy of 95
what do if it says "This game could not be started. The data is corrupted"?
ReCreate (author)  M4industries4 years ago
But I, I WON the game, you know why? I modified the game, whenever you think of the game now, you win, and everyone else, relative to you, loses. Meaning that i win, and you loose.
Please don't try to start that on 4chan! The game is only over when the Prime Minister of the UK declares on television that the game is over.
YOU FOOL!! why would you want to start THE GAME!?
ReCreate (author)  trickster2085 years ago
That means your PSP has the wrong firmware, The one that comes with the PSP when you buy it new. What you have to do is follow a custom firmware tutorial somewhere or apply a GEN patch.
v1no4 years ago
do not respond when I choose to run Win3.1
zack2474 years ago
1000's have networking, just maybe not with older firmware. my 1000 can browse the web ad play flash games...
nice 'ible!
ReCreate (author)  zack2474 years ago
Yes, I think the web browser was added in the firmware version 2.x. (this ible was done long ago, before i knew that)
flamtz6 years ago
There is also a "fat" which has internet is it okay? (Probably the version just before slim)
flamtz flamtz6 years ago
Also... is there a custom 5.5 firmware?
esplonky flamtz5 years ago
yes. look up 5.50 gen(full)
Just look up papaton 2 exploit on youtube,and this will work.
ReCreate (author)  flamtz6 years ago
No,I don't Even think that there is Official 5.5 Firmware yet.
thefoodman5 years ago
The download is down.
N1CK4ND05 years ago
Heh heh heh...
That_Guy285 years ago
HELP!!! It won't let me download the Windows 95 image! How do I mke my own with Virtual Box or MS Virtual PC?
Windows 3.1 is cool! but I would like to have windows 95.
ReCreate (author)  That_Guy285 years ago
It looks to me that the file is down. I'll try re-uploading it ASAP.
dinky5 years ago
windows already chrashed on a pc, why try it on a PSP? 
allenmt dinky5 years ago
 a its portable think of it its a  pocket sized computer
ReCreate (author)  dinky5 years ago
Because your statement is bull'.
poparoo46 years ago
Why do you imply that you need a slim. When you don't.....
Ok... Because the Slim has 64mb of RAM, while the fat only has 32mb. Guess which is better for running windows.
Yes I know but you can still use the phat can't you 
Yes, just really slowly.
ReCreate (author)  poparoo46 years ago
Did i?
Arbitror5 years ago
So where can I get official updates on DOSBox for PSP? Great job by the way!
ReCreate (author)  Arbitror5 years ago
You don't, Dosbox was just ported by someone, Only 2 versions where ported years ago, And dosbox On the PSP itself is not official..
Thanks, but what is the other version for? Games?
dmitri115 years ago
is there any way that you can install a program to windows 95 when its on your psp
ReCreate (author)  dmitri115 years ago
Sure, just open the disk image in something, like 7-zip, browse the the desktop folder, and then save the installer in there, then when on your psp, install the program.
Notbob5 years ago
Is it possible to do this, but still be able to use another a different home brew OS as well?
ReCreate (author)  Notbob5 years ago
Notice that this is an Application for the Homebrew Capable Firmware/OS that the PSP is running, That EMULATES a PC, Within that application, and Runs windows in it. So yes, You can use your PSP as a PSP afterward.
Notbob ReCreate5 years ago
ok, thank you.
ReCreate (author)  Notbob5 years ago
Sorry if i sounded like i was yelling XD your welcome :)
Weston6076 years ago
AWESOME TUT! Worked 100%!
ReCreate (author)  Weston6076 years ago
Your Very Welcome!
What do you think about installing xp, on a psp? I have a 4gb memory stick, and the slim psp seems to pass all the requirements; Windows XP Home Edition Minimum: 233 MHz CPU * 64 MB of RAM (may limit performance and some features) * 1.5 GB of available hard disk space * Super VGA (800 x 600) or higher-resolution video adapter and monitor CD-ROM or DVD drive Keyboard and Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device
Also, what about installing one of those really old versions of mac?
ReCreate (author)  Weston6075 years ago
I just found a powerPC emulator for the PSP, it is complete with Mac OS 8 or 9, Would you like it?
ReCreate (author)  ReCreate5 years ago
Perhaps i could even get mac os X ;), But most likely not.
Om yes that would be sweet!
ReCreate (author)  Weston6075 years ago
ReCreate (author)  Weston6075 years ago
Haha Ok, I will work on retrieving it from my backup HDD soon.
Basillisk 2...
ReCreate (author)  zoltzerino5 years ago
ReCreate (author)  Weston6076 years ago
Well,Dosbox Emulates an x82 processor,and the architecture Of the Old Macs Differs from it,Making it Incompatible,You would Need a Mac Emulator,This emulates a PC
dfc849 ReCreate6 years ago
I've never heard of an x82-style processor architecture, but you're right. The PSP's processor and DOSBox are not compatible with the PowerPC style. Also, in response to the XP question, Windows XP is a 32-bit only system. Windows 3.1 and 95 are hybrid 16 or 32-bit systems, allowing them to be more flexible in how they are used.
ReCreate (author)  dfc8496 years ago
Yes, What i meant was like a...Intel Processor...Or something like that. Also,Windows 98 Ran in dosbox also. The PSP has an ARM processor, the old macs had...i have no clue, And the PC had an intel processor, or one compatible.
old macs were Motorola and sometimes PowerPC, then they went to the IBM processors (yes IBM) and then went to Intel.
ReCreate (author)  daiatlus796 years ago
IBM processors? So they where x82 compatible?
That's pretty interesting but the IBM part comes as no surprise to me. I guess you learn somethin' new every day, huh?
dfc849 ReCreate6 years ago
That's exactly right. Good instructable, though! I don't have a PSP but it was easy enough to follow with prior knowledge
ReCreate (author)  dfc8496 years ago
Try going to http://www.blazebyte.org/pspwvista/. They have something that is made for the psp. It uses the web browser. It's pretty similar to Windows Vista.
It even has Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. It's about a 30 megabyte download. And it's cool.
ReCreate (author)  LoganRussell6 years ago
Its a portal, Fake...Not emulation of the real OS
I know. It's a Series of web pages that look similar to the real thing. But it is pretty cool. You can go online with your wireless. You can play your own music with Windows Media Player. It also has Microsoft Word. It has a lot of games. I even has a radio player feature when you go into radio player mode. You should try it.
ReCreate (author)  LoganRussell6 years ago
I suppose, If i have time, The hardest part is typing in the address...
ReCreate (author)  ReCreate6 years ago
i figured that the 1st day i got my PSP, last year, at Christmas ;)
ReCreate (author)  Weston6076 years ago
Well,It May(And should) be possible,But Dosbox Does Not work With The Windows XP kernel,And is not too efficient,Bochs Runs Xp Pretty slow on my 1.6GHZ 1GB computer,Imagine that on a PSP,We Would need:
  • A New Emulator,That Supports The Windows XP kernel And Can Have acsess To the full Features of the PSP(64Mb of ram,For example)
    • An Emulator With Cd Image Capability
    • Some Way of Scaling Up the PSP's 4xx Screen resolution To at least 640/480,Possibly using the PSP's built in hardware
And None of this is available Yet
Not to mention that The PSP's Kernel can't handle reading any more than 9 files at a time,If you read more than that,THe PSP will crash.
So it would also Need a re-Written PSP OS,With Better File Reading and writing so that it can Handle More than 9 files at a time.
You can go ahead and Try It in Bochs For PSP,But it will be slow,Very Slow,And Expect Unreadable blue Screens
SpydR6 years ago
does it have to be hdd or can i make it HDD?
ReCreate (author)  SpydR6 years ago
i'm pretty sure it is CaSe SeNsItIvE, You an try, but its not a good idea, Dosbox might not find the folder.
Arbitror6 years ago
I can't follow this i'ble (b/c I don't have a PSP), but THANK YOU for supplying Windows 98 and Windows 3.1 images! I have searched high and low everywere for them, but no luck! Thank You!
ReCreate (author)  Arbitror6 years ago
Ahem,Windows 95. Anyways,You can Visit win3x.org They Even Have windows Neptune there.
Wait... darn. Sorry about all those thank-you's, these are the wrong images...
ReCreate (author)  Arbitror6 years ago
Thease are Images of windows 95/3.1 already setup really,go visit win3x.org
It's french...
ReCreate (author)  Arbitror6 years ago
Did you have to ignore my 2 replies and be so stubborn not to even bother to look at the website?
ReCreate (author)  Arbitror6 years ago
They Have an english area, That is where i got windows 3.1 and windows 95
ReCreate (author)  Arbitror6 years ago
DOH No,Really They Have a ton of english stuff too. Whenever they have the red and white flag next to a topic,it means its in english too. For Example... You have to register,its not too much hassle,and i say it really is worth it ;) They Have All Versions of Dos Windows 1.0 to windows 95 And Windows Neptune Beta(windows 2000 Beta)
Oh, already set up. I thought that they were supposed to be installation images, not already installed...
ReCreate (author)  Arbitror6 years ago
Nor Dur,Read above comment
ReCreate (author)  Arbitror6 years ago
These are the not the installation images, At win3x.org they have English versions of windows in most of them.
Here is for example windows 95 You have to register to see the links, they have that one in english/french, Enjoy! ;) (they also have windows 3.1 and every other version)
ReCreate (author) 6 years ago
Man, Unbelievable, Someone else stole my instructable, They did not even bother to reword it!
ReCreate (author) 6 years ago
maxpower496 years ago
wolud you please show how to put games on them
ReCreate (author)  maxpower496 years ago
put games on what?
ReCreate (author) 6 years ago
Anyone interested in windows 98 on PSP? Its pretty ugly though, it took about 10 minutes just to open the start menu...
ReCreate (author) 6 years ago
i would put this as the first picture but i can't Also the featured banner with alpha
Wesley16 years ago
could you show us how to setup the games? pleas
ReCreate (author)  Wesley16 years ago
To Play Dos Games? I Got The Following to run All The Commander Keen Series Prince Of Persia 1 Version 1.3 Prince Of Persia 2,With a Fix The Duel and A Few Others. I am Soon Planning to Make An I'ble on that.
Thank you
ReCreate (author)  Wesley16 years ago
Your welcome
Props 2 u for having the sickest dos game in yesteryear history! The Dopefish Lives!!!!11 EaglesNestOne
ReCreate (author)  EaglesNestOne6 years ago
Ah Yes you recognized it,Commander Keen,Ha Yeah The Dopefish :P
I grew up on those games ay. Cheers
ReCreate (author)  EaglesNestOne6 years ago
Ha,I Discovered them a few months ago:P.
If you like that theme you should have a look at the blax theme too. Pretty much the same but a bit darker.
ReCreate (author)  EaglesNestOne6 years ago
I was trying to load Windows 95 on my PSP phat and it quit with an out of memory error. Any help?
ReCreate (author)  trhildebrand966 years ago
Can you Please post a picture of what it looked like?
Try editing the dosbox Config file To give it 8MB of Ram.
Open it in notepad,it should be in the same folder where the the dosbox'es EBOOT.PBP File is.
Select all,And delete it,Now Copy and paste this in there.
memsize=8 sensitivity=.001[render] frameskip=5nosound=true[autoexec]@ECHO offecho Dosbox Started...PAUSESYSOPT clock 333mount g ms0:/hddimgmount c g:/w95.img -t hdd -fs fat -size 512,63,16,imgmount d g:/win31.iso -t isoPAUSEg:osrun.bat
Now save it and it should work ;)
If you want me to explain what everything means,just tell me.

great instructables!! i never seen real windows running on psp (i've try before by using windows running on psp browser, but it was really unsastified) but i'd like install win xp on my psp...
Not really. That's like me saying "Great grammar" to you.
ReCreate (author)  Yerboogieman6 years ago
That's a bit rude,just because i Got something wrong about the phat psp does not mean it a bad i'ble,I mean,its real,active,Emulation,not Some ... QUOTE: crappy flash portal that people get so worked up about
Its the real deal
Yes but i felt you didn't have to make up information to fill your instructable.
ReCreate (author)  Yerboogieman6 years ago
I did not "Make up"Anything,I just got it from an unreliable resource. Hopefully not you.
ReCreate (author)  riccolesmana6 years ago
So far it is not possible because:
  • Dosbox does not support any Windows OS higher than windows 98,maybe in a newer version,Remember it is 0.72.
  • Dosbox,or any emulator for the psp cannot locate enough memory for Windows XP(i believe 32 is the minimum for XP and the psp Slim(60MB of ram)) Maybe later in a newer update of Dosbox.
  • Windows Xp requires at least 150MHz processor,And dosbox can't give it much of the speed,Windows 95 was slow,So XP would be allot slower.
Also,this is Active,real emulation,not Webpages and flash programs that simulate windows.
mine is fat one XD how about on psp 3000 (brite) ??
PSP 3000 has been deemed "un-mod-able". Hopefully not for long.
ReCreate (author)  riccolesmana6 years ago
The PSP phat has only 32MB of ram,therefore,it can't run any os Newer that windows 95(98 Is possible but it will run horrible) And the PSP 3000 has the same specs as a 2000 except if has a few more features(better screen,mic,and i think bluetooth),But the bug disadvantage to the 3000 is that it can't barley run homebrew (it has been figured out recently but it is super complicated to run homebrew on a psp 3000)
hmm icic..
maybe i shud buy psp 2000 now~

do you working on hacking ipod touch oso??
ReCreate (author)  riccolesmana6 years ago
Ah sorry,i find your comment hard to understand. Anyways,There is also DOSbox for your PALM pda I got it working on my zire31
sorry 4 my bad english.. XD err, i dont have any palm pda x.x
ReCreate (author)  riccolesmana6 years ago
Do you have a phone? cell phone?
yep Nokia..

but i dont know what should i do w/ it..

any ideas??
ReCreate (author)  riccolesmana6 years ago
Well does it have a colour screen? (firefox in ubuntu sees color as mispelled and colour correct,ironic) If so it probably runs symbian os,i have heard of a dosbox port to symbian os. My nokia 3650 runs symbian os,and allot os nokia phones too(all of the nokia phones i think)
yeah, so my phone able to install windows?
ReCreate (author)  riccolesmana6 years ago
Maybe,maybe even play your favorite old DOS games too,You will be able to Install windows 3.1 And maybe windows 95,I have heard of it for symbian phones but it is hard to find,look for DOSbox for symbian os,it might work
Dual 111mhz processors to make 222 ability to be overclocked to 333mhz.
ReCreate (author)  Yerboogieman6 years ago
I doubt it dual,ill research on this.
You obviously do not know much about phats. The wlan switch is on the SIDE, the open door switch is on TOP, where you said the wlan switch is. The Slim doesn't have a open door switch, you just pull it. The reason the phat has an IR LED is they wanted to make the PSP to connect to the PS3 and do some stuff. The phat also has a dual 111mhz processors able to be overclocked to 333mhz. The phat also has MORE homebrew/modding capabilities than the slim and this Can be run on both, in step 1 it was implied you could only run it on the slim, which isn't true. Learn your facts.
ReCreate (author)  Yerboogieman6 years ago
Ah,sorry. I never owned a phat,They are actually quite inferior to the slims(not counting the IR,i bet that is usefull) ,Have Half the ram,for starters. As i said,i thought that that was the WLAN switch,No wonder they said that the Locking mechanism was better in the SLIM,Another advantage. Also,IR is Old and is no longer included on many devices anymore,Its slower than bluetooth,much slower. Also,I always thought that the PHAT had a 333MHz processor(i read it in an article)The same as the PHAT,it has a 333MHZ underclocked to 222 or 200. Now,How could a phat be more homebrew ready than a slim,It can't Even Run Skype? Now the Modding,that makes sense,its Boards where probably less compact and More easy to modify. Ha,sorry for the misunderstanding there,ill change it.
I don't understand how the slim has a better locking mechanism, or how so many people break the lock on the phat. Regular clock at 222, overclock limit 333. The IR is no big deal, i can't even figure out how to use the remote control app.
ReCreate (author)  Yerboogieman6 years ago
No i meant easier and less messy. Oh,so the Processor is the same as a slim. Its actually 333,underclocked to 222 to save power And the IR thing,it seems pretty useful,You can also use the IR keyboard
Thanks, it can run skype now. If you use the right firmware.
ReCreate (author)  Yerboogieman6 years ago
Erm...no. ITs because you don't have enough RAM,not Firmware But,if you see it right before your eyes,post a picture.
ReCreate (author) 6 years ago
I re-uploaded everything now,All i have to upload is the Windows 95 Image
You can find all of the fileshere,i will put individual links later.
I also have a new version of dosbox(0.73)No bug fixes or anything,just A new,Nicer theme with the official Dosbox Icon
ReCreate (author)  ReCreate6 years ago
I finished uploading everything,Look for the links at Step 2,New and working
11rex116 years ago
wats an IR i only have a slim
ReCreate (author)  11rex116 years ago
IR is Infared,Like the remotes,you could controll your TV with a PSP Phat
twocvbloke6 years ago
Cool, I didn't know Dosbox was available for the PSP (not that I have a PSP, I'm poor!!!), running 95 or 3.1 on a PSP looks so cool... :D Ah Windows 3.1, I have that somewhere (well, 3.11 for Workgroups), I really want to dig out an old PC I have and install it on there, it's old enough to be "powerful" (Pentium75, 16 or 32MB ram, can't remember which, 800mb hard drive, 4x speed Sony CD-Rom...), just need a monitor and a desk to put it all on... :D
ReCreate (author)  twocvbloke6 years ago
Also PSPs arent too expensive,i got mine for 80 bucks at a pawn shop
swap the bucks for pounds and that's how much they cost here in the UK (times 80 by 1.5 and there's your number), and I haven't got that kind of money to play with unfortunately... :(
ReCreate (author)  twocvbloke6 years ago
And i found a few in the 90-100 dollar range in ebay PSPs where you are costs 800 dollars? Oh,i could sell mine over there and buy myself 10 here
Nooo, they're about $120 here, and that's for used ones!!! :S
ReCreate (author)  twocvbloke6 years ago
Yeah thats about the average price for them here too,they cost about 250 dollars new here,and upto 90 dollars used(upto is not right maybe down to) Im sure you can find one cheaper where you are,the prices here for used ones where like 130-180 bucks but we looked and we found a psp for 80 bucks
ReCreate (author)  twocvbloke6 years ago
You can download windows 3.1 along with windows 95 at win3x.org,its a place where they collect a bunch of abandoneware stuff(abandonware mean stuff so old that the companies that made it don't care if it is given around for free)
Also,windows 3.1 is probably soo light that it could probably be installed on an audrino board(but it can't due to incompatibility),What is the processor speed?
If it is:
  • 20-50MHz Install windows 3.1
  • 50 -100 Install Windows 95 or 3.1 or light version of linux
  • 100-200 Install Windows 95 -Windows 2000 Or a Light version of linux(Puppy linux,slax,DSL linux)
  • 200-400 Install Windows Xp(you will be surprised how well it runs) Or windows 98 And up(no higher than XP though)
  • 400-800 Install XP or 2000 and it will run very good(My PC is 800 MHz(my desktop though))
  • 800-1GHz Install XP Or 2000
  • 1GHz -2GHz Install XP Or 7(vista if you want)
  • 2GHz and up Install XP and up(2000 but that is too old)
Also under 20 MHz Get rid of it
If it only has 32 MB of ram you should upgrade,old PCs usually have SDRAM and it is very cheap and common(i got a gig of SDRAM out of some old PCs(total))
Well, the systems is a Pentium75 (=75MHz), ad the ram is the old stuff that precedes SD-Ram, EDO or something, so the possibility of upgrading is slimmer than a PSP 3000. I remember having a system identical to this one a few years ago (used to be my dad's) and I ran 3.1 fine on that, even had it running on the internet fine too, I just forgot how to do it is all!!! :P

Though, from my experience (I'm a computer engineer, mostly dealing with laptops though), I'd have to revise your list as this:

  • Under 20MHz (they can serve a purpose!), Install MS/PC-DOS/Windows 3 or earlier,
  • 20-50MHz Install Windows 3.1/95 (does work, I had 95 running on a 386SX),
  • 50 -100 Install Windows 3.1/95/98SE (preferable to FE),
  • 100-200 Install Windows 95/98SE/2000,
  • 200-1GHz Install Windows 98SE/2000/ME (crap!!)/XP,
  • 1GHz -2GHz Install Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP,
  • 2GHz and up Install Windows 2000/XP/Vista (worse than ME!!!)/7.
All my opinion of course, people differ on their choice of OS, I've seen and used 95 on a 700MHz system, 98 on something that could run 7 happily, etc... :)

You know, last night I dreamt I owned a PSP (and I do want one now, seeing how I know how to use one with Windows!!!), it's all your fault I bet... :P
how old r u btw??
ReCreate (author)  riccolesmana6 years ago
How about you guess first...
ReCreate (author)  riccolesmana6 years ago
Close enough,13.
so young..
i'm 14 XD

do u hav facebook??
if yes your email pls
ReCreate (author)  riccolesmana6 years ago
No,i dont have any accounts on places like that,and i am not interested either Sorry
thenick6786 years ago
please get the files up soon
Cartuner556 years ago
the DL links are dead... asking me to upload a file......????
ReCreate (author)  Cartuner556 years ago
Yes,the files where deleted from the site,therfor,it is redirecting you to their homepage.
ReCreate (author) 6 years ago
test-----ignore this
cyrozap6 years ago
Wow. My friend has a PSP, he runs hombrew software on it. He isn't as knowledgeable as me about computers (I'm awesome, btw), but I bet I could get this for him.
ReCreate (author)  cyrozap6 years ago
Why are you sarcastic about the "homebrew software" it it flash in the browser? If so,Fail...for him.
He runs games that he might not have paid for. Catch my drift?
ReCreate (author)  cyrozap6 years ago
you mean non-homebrew games?
You are TOTALLY not getting it. ...I mean retail games for free, game "backups" of games he doesn't own. Get it now?
ReCreate (author)  cyrozap6 years ago
Non homebrew! homebrew is unsigned games in a psp
Pirated games.
ReCreate (author)  cyrozap6 years ago
Yes,pirated games are games made by companies that are signed by sony,Therefor being NON homebrew!
ReCreate (author)  cyrozap6 years ago
ReCreate (author)  cyrozap6 years ago
A.C.E.6 years ago
good job. well documented and not some crappy flash portal that people get so worked up about
ReCreate (author)  A.C.E.6 years ago
Indeed...Man some people are funny
thenick6786 years ago
how do i get to your server to download the files?
ReCreate (author)  thenick6786 years ago
Umm...i have not yet have had a chance to upload it. But when i do,it will be as simple as clicking the link or using right click>save as
xACIDITYx6 years ago
The files aren't downloadable :'( Maybe try Mediafire?
ReCreate (author)  xACIDITYx6 years ago
Yes i know! I'm uploading to my own server it should be up soon.
ReCreate (author) 6 years ago
What group could i add this to?
My PSP Hacks group. i need more instructables
ReCreate (author)  conradev6 years ago
Sandisk1duo6 years ago
ya, it works
ReCreate (author)  Sandisk1duo6 years ago
haw man awsome I published it right about...now
so what can you do with 95?
ReCreate (author)  Sandisk1duo6 years ago
Umm...did you read the instructable?
Possibilities:I have seen Visual Basic 4 out there for windows 95,It runs well on Windows xp too so You could write a program for Windows 95 in the psp like maybe an alarm clock,MIDI/MP3 Player or whatever you want.
The same goes for windows 3.1
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can you 'save' your files, like from visual basic?
ReCreate (author)  Sandisk1duo6 years ago
Yes,You compile them. The same way you would with visualbasic 6 or whatever.