In this project we will run Windows 95 on other operating systems like windows7/Xp/vista
Software requirements:-
1. DOSbox0.74
2. w95.img file

A virtual version is here http://www.virtualdesktop.org/complete/95a/index.html (only a virtual display no programs would work)

visit and download my software  http://download.cnet.com/Youtube-Speed-Search/3000-13632_4-75951709.html

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<p>Ok, I've got the Win 95 image running (many thanks) but how do I get it to run my games?</p>
&trade;<br><p>Pieces of precious tools. </p><p>Ok guys and girls let's the nostalgia moments begin!</p>
why are you interested in running windows 95?
<p>For playing MechWarrior 2 Win95 version, of course!</p>
Sometimes you just gotta play SkiFree.
<p>why does it say on mine that the image needs to be on a host or local drive?</p>
<p>I, too, am having this problem.</p>
<p>Hi, I just attempted this and when I type &quot; boot (letter of mounted drive):\w95.img it says it cannot open the image. Any pointers? </p>
download my software http://download.cnet.com/Youtube-Speed-Search/3000-13632_4-75951709.html
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ooooh, wonder if I could run duke nukem or shadow warrior and the build engines, must try it! .. I feel a Sheldon moment coming on.

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