Run Windows 95 on Windows7/Xp/vista


Introduction: Run Windows 95 on Windows7/Xp/vista

In this project we will run Windows 95 on other operating systems like windows7/Xp/vista
Software requirements:-
1. DOSbox0.74
2. w95.img file

A virtual version is here (only a virtual display no programs would work)

visit and download my software

Step 1: Download Links

Step 2: Run DOSbox0.74

Step 3: Type " Imgmount a NAME OF DRIVE WHERE W95 IS INSTALLED:\w95.img

Step 4: Press the Enter Key

Step 5: Type " Boot NAME OF DRIVE WHERE W95 IS INSTALLED:\w95.img

Step 6: Press the Enter Key

Step 7: You Will See a Screen Like This

Step 8: Now You Would See Your Desktop

Step 9: Explore the Windows



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    17 Discussions

    Download links are dead. I really wanted to try this.

    the mediafire link does not work

    Hi, I found a version of DOSBox for Mac OS X 10.5.8, and it does run Windows 95 perfectly, but I have some old Windows 95 CD-ROM games I would like to play and I can't find my Macbook's CD/DVD drive in File Explorer on Win. 95.

    How do I find internal CD/DVD drives in Win. 95??

    does it copy your files when you switch to windows 95?


    2 years ago

    Ok, I've got the Win 95 image running (many thanks) but how do I get it to run my games?

    Pieces of precious tools.

    Ok guys and girls let's the nostalgia moments begin!

    Hi, I just attempted this and when I type " boot (letter of mounted drive):\w95.img it says it cannot open the image. Any pointers?

    download my software

    ooooh, wonder if I could run duke nukem or shadow warrior and the build engines, must try it! .. I feel a Sheldon moment coming on.