Picture of Run a radio station off of your PC
This instructable shows you how to create your own internet radio station just off of your home PC!

Step 1: Downloading all of the software

First you need the proper software.

You will need WinampWinamp

DSP Plugin (For Winamp)

Server GUI

Install all of the software and continue to the next step.
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Its Great.

AidenM17 months ago

It didnt work :( it said it was already open on port 80 when it was the first time i launched it

PCfreak2 years ago
oh btw some of your links are broken.......heres the link to shoutcasts broadcasting tools...... http://www.shoutcast.com/broadcast-tools
gomas2113 years ago
broken links!
shaqadim5 years ago
where do you put the password
wessie6 years ago
does this work with macs?
tmon1178 years ago
Is there a way to be talking on your station, and not just play music
In the Shoutcast DSP there is a tab labeled "input" click it then select "soundcard input" now below that are two buttons, one labled microphone and the other Line-in. Choose line-in. Next thing you do is purchase a mixing board, best one to get for under $100 is from Behringer. Look for the Podcastudio. That is what I use. Using a laptop or another computer to play music into the mixer. That really is the best way to mix between mic and music. but then i work in radio so its just second nature for me. :)
tmon117 tmon1178 years ago
Ok thanks, is there a way to change from one to another during broadcast
I'm pretty sure you can change WHILE your broadcasting, but there will be 3 seconds of dead air inbetween the switch.
ah ok thx
assm4n (author)  tmon1178 years ago
assm4n (author)  Jacobdm08 years ago
in the input tab of your winamp plugin switch it to soundcard input, then hit open mixer and select stereo mixer and mess withe the levels...then close the mixer and go back into the plugin and select microphone instead of line in and then press push to talk....it sounds like crap and there is a better way...i just dont know it....
assm4n (author)  tmon1178 years ago
there is but i cant remember how to do it.....ill get back to you
On the SHOUTcast plugin, instead of having winamp as the input, change it to "Sound Card input" Then you can talk through your mic.
mikeanie7 years ago
I can't find my ip address to give it to my friends so they could here my radio online
press win key+r to open the run dialog. type in cmd and press enter. then type ipconfig in the black box that opens and press enter. your ip address is after the label IPv4 address
Unless you have a router. If you have a router you will need your external IP and to get that you need to view the stats on your router in order to view the IP.
Another way to find your ip address would be whatsmyip.org if your still not sure then in windows start/run/cmd/ipconfig -all should show internal/external ip and other mind boggling numbers.
The server GUI link is broken
littlewit8 years ago
is this mac friendly?
i think so...if winap works for mac
The name "WinAmp" generally hints at the OS it's made for.... ;)
Oh...Yeah, Use macamp XD You could always give wine a try...
TheWiseOne8 years ago
Is This Legal
how is it NOT legal?
It all depends on what you use the station for, very much like radio equipment, not illegal to own it, but without a license, you can get locked up, but that does NOT apply to internet radio, HOWEVER, always ask permission or pay the fees!
kolanut7 years ago
it's not leagle if you broadcast copyrighted content without having a BMI, ASCAP, Sesac contract!
If your content is creative commons, then it's allowed to be used without paying. I use Live 365 because they pay the fee's for my broadcast:
I contact the artist directly and more often than not they let me use their material for free because they want more popularity.
Moho7 years ago
i did all the steps but it didn't work
capitansid7 years ago
i believe "jetaudio" is much faster and easier than this... =]
tbonewoodie8 years ago
Where does the password go? I can't connect because password says invalid. The screen shot above doesn't show where the password it suppose to be. Also My log doesn't show 15 when I edit the log. When editing the log Notepad opens. I tried saving it as (.txt) and also (.ini) Nothing happened when saved as (.txt), but when I saved it under (.ini) the log gets an error. Something about all the lines have errors...please help!
I can't save the config... HELP!!
Fixed my problem. Just reinstalled the SHOUTcast Server and redid the step within the Server. Works like a charm! Thanks for this great "instructable!!"
to bad am-pm radio isnt very popular anymore :-\
i think you mean am-fm. and yea, i know what you mean
lol ya thats what i men xD. ahaha .. am-fm is it
triplebirch7 years ago
I finally got this to work, but only when i use localhost:4000, i can't use my IP address to access it.
macca4life7 years ago
can you actually talk on it live
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