Run out of Ice Cream? Make a Frozen Delight!!!

Step 2: Finishing it all up....

Picture of Finishing it all up....
1. After the pudding is done, take it out and measure out about a cup and mix it into the Fluff (I did it the other way around, cause I wanted to use up the rest of my pudding). Make it as smooth as possible (should be easy unless you used the mellows, then you'll have some chunks) and add the optional ingredients into the batch.

Some ideas are : Sliced bananas/strawberries/blueberries (especially if you kept the vanilla flavor), peanut butter (can you say, Reeses?), chopped nuts, M&M's, chocolate chips, crushed Oreos, etc.
Perhaps even a few drops of mint extract to liven it up.

2. Now freeze it (depending upon your batch size, mine took an hour). After it's frozen, you can easily dig a spoon into as if it was ice cream. Now enjoy your delicious Frozen Delight. Maybe even add some "ice cream" toppings to it.