Just Comment anything you need help with in RuneScape
HI i need help training my strength. BTW im lvl 78
Nice profile pic!<br><br>i think for your level, the best to train on would be cows... lol im just kidding.<br><br>the best to train on would be Flesh Crawlers in the 2nd level of the Stronghold of Security, Skeletons, or Ice Giants/Warriors
botting is the way to go!!!<br>https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-bot-on-RuneScape/
dont do it for too long or you will get caught lol, but yeah thats good too
what is yer name? I am KAsai Hyuga<br><br>99 Woodcutting FTW!
Im Jogita6/SonicX 22 with 4M

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