Hello Instructables,

This is Excellion from Runescape. I'm here today to tell you how I made my current 50m. (Edit: It's 80M now!)

About 5 years ago when the free trade and wilderness were vanquished from the game, many people thought merching was impossible.

Many people found out that it wasn't, and it was more like real world stocks.

Also, if you understand real world stocks, this guide will be very simple for you.

This is updated for the new free trade.

Step 1: Finding the Item

Step one:

Finding your preferred item

Item Guide:

0.2m-1m: Lobsters, Coal Ore, Swordfish,  Iron Bars

2m-5m:Rune platelegs, Rune Scimitars, Rune Platebody's, Death Runes

10m+: Bandos Boots (My prefered), Dragon Boots, Berserker Helms, Dragon chainbody.

If you do not want to do any of these items, just check the Grand Exchange Guide page on www.Runescape.com and look for commonly purchased items. Make sure your item's price isn't dying.

(Thanks Kelsey >.>)

seriously? how long have you been playing? firstly, free trade and wilderness were removed in 2007, and are now back. also, advertising your i'ble is not cool. let people find it themselves.
2011 - 2007 = 4. I said about 5 years ago. I have played for 8 years this summer. How is it advertising? I just said "Hey this is better money making than this, try it out!" Its not like im benefiting from it anyway. Most people don't understand how to merch anyways so I thought I would make it look simple enough for a quick read. Don't sit here and tell me what im doing isn't cool.
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<p>Nice and simple guide.</p><p>All those commenting on his writing need to get a life.</p><p>My tip: buy and sell the same item simultaneouly, that way if the low/high price changes drastically you'll know instantly as the slot will become inactive for 5/10 minutes if your prices are too profitable (and people are beating your offer). Adjust price accordingly.</p><p>Same goes for if the item buys/sells too fast, make your price more profitable otherwise it won't be soon enough!</p>
I Just wanted to say that kelseymh is wrong about one word. The word is &quot;items&quot;. <br>Item's is incorrect. <br> <br>Also my captcha was &quot;Arasist system&quot;. What the heck kind of captchas are you using? It didn't look good at all, lol.
hey nice instructable<br>can i have like 1 or 2 miL???<br>i got scammed of 1 mil and then got hacked<br>so please try to help out a fellow instructable mate !!!<br>my id is the same as this one !!!!<br>thanks <br>akinich
Well if you would follow this guide then you would be as rich as I am.
I'm confused about this. The logic of &quot;buy high and sell low&quot; doesn't seem to make sense. You'd be consistently losing money on every transaction. <br><br>Or are you doing this with just one single item of whatever it is, so that you can determine what the &quot;market prices&quot; are, before selling large numbers at the high price?
no item ever sells for low. Selling it for low is a way to get the lowest price people would buy the item. And yes. You do this with one item. You dont lose money. most of the time your merch goes for selling higher than lowest. If you follow that guide, you won't lose money.
Okay. That sort of makes sense, but really, the way you wrote it is not clear at all. Thanks for the clarification.

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