Step 6: Marking the Finger Holes

To mark and make the finger holes I made I made a jig for the drill press.
using a some plywood scrap I cut a base and screwed two parallel stripes of wood, In similar fashion to the one attached to the saw table.
Then I marked from one end of the jig at what distance my holes needed to be made.
The line and mark to the far right is the back hole, with the 4 markings on the left are the top holes.
I proceeded mark all flutes.

Now, if I could only think of something to make that would actually sell!
Plumbing-grade PVC is intended to be used as plumbing - installed inside walls and cabinets - and lacks any kind of ultra-violet protection. Because of this, it can get very brittle if exposed to sunlight for any length of time.<br><br>There is another furniture-grade PVC that is intended to be used for outdoor furniture, greenhouses, etc., that does have UV protectants in it, and which does not get brittle. (It also does not have all that ugly lettering printed on it.)<br><br>It's a bit more expensive, and you can't get it at your local hardware store, but you can order it online, and it's something to consider.
Thanks for the informative comment. <br>As an example with this new bit of info I can adjust my process and buy both types of PVC pipe, the plumbing grade and furniture grade. <br>With the furniture grade I can leave them plain white and continue to paint the plumbing grade. <br>Figuring out the cost of one vs the other I could possibly offer plain white flutes at a lower cost.

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