This is my hamster, Ham. He loves running around at his place, the RunningHam Palace.
Few months ago, while I was visiting the MIT Media Lab, a friend of mine told me about Sushi, the online hamster; a fun project by Gershon Dublon in which a RaspberryPi counted the spins of the wheel through a sensor and served a website with the "running stats".

I live by myself, so I though it would be good for me having a pet... and even better to do something fun with it, so I adopted Ham and started the RunningHam project (@RunnerHam on twitter because RunningHam was taken :( )

Do you have a Hamster? do you want to track his running stats? here is what you need to do:

Step 1: Get the Obvious Stuff

  • A hamster. just fall in love with one and adopt it, they are all awesome!
  • A nice place for him or her with a spinning wheel.
  • An internet connection via WiFi close to your hamster.
<p>Awesome! </p><p>How can I open these brd and sch files?</p><p>Can I use this board with 12 V PSU only? Should I plug it to USB charger?</p>
<p>Aqu&iacute; ten&eacute;is mi nueva gu&iacute;a:</p><p>There you have a new guide:</p><p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Running-Ham-Palace-V2/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/Running-Ham-Palace...</a></p>
Enhorabuena!!!<br>Me gustaria implementarlo en la rueda de mi &quot;Chispa&quot; que ahora est&aacute; con un ordenador de bici el cual marca 10-12kms durante 3-4horas cada noche!!!.<br><br>Pero me surgen algunos problemas...<br><br>- Imposible abrir los archivos .BRD .SCH con Eagle 6.2 (una imagen .JPG podr&iacute;a ayudar)<br><br>- Revisar conexiones y resistencia 10K del sensor Hall A3144 segun datasheet e imagen adjunta.<br><br>- Seria interesante a&ntilde;adir en el codigo arduino el sensor DHT11 / DHT22 que se observa previsto en la placa.<br><br>Un saludo y MILGRACIES!!!
<p>Estoy preparando una nueva versi&oacute;n con algunos cambios, en breve publicar&eacute; todo :)</p>
OK... ya hay rival !!!!<br><br>GOchispaGO.blogspot.com
<p>&quot;I keep on running but I'm not getting anywhere, but why?&quot;</p>
<p>hello and congratulations. &quot;The internet of animals&quot; is coming, thanks to you ;) </p><p>My daughter has the small hedgehog (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/African_pygmy_hedgeho... living in the luxurious big plastic box apartment, with gym. His spinning wheel was squeezing all nights long, so we were interested about his running distance. I installed the cheap bike computer with many functions. Fortunately this little device supports spinning wheel diameter (5 in). </p><p>Unbelievable , but he runs 8-10 km every night, with the average speed 4,5 km/h. </p>
<p>Wow! That is a lot of exercise!<br>It would be awesome if you could upload that data so we could start building an actual Internet of Animals... I loved the name :)<br>Ham says hello to your Hedgeho!</p>
<p>Congrats on your new pet! I'm a big supporter of adopting and so many people just dump little guys like this when they get bored of them. Very impressive to see such a small animal running over 5k!</p>
<p>He actually exercises way more than I do &not;&not; </p><p>HAHAHA</p>
<p>This is so cool! It's very surprising to know how many kilometers make a hamster. I had one hamster and he was always on his wheel I always wander how much he ran. Now I can make an estimated guess. I'll keep your tutorial at hand in case I get another hamster. Thanks for sharing this!</p>
<p>I was not expecting him to run so much! Ham needs other hamsters to compete with, so go for it!</p>
<p>Does the code take the diameter of the wheel into account, or are there numbers you have to change yourself?</p>
<p>(Oh, and check your Inbox.)</p>
<p>Cool! </p>
<p>Yes, It does! mine is 43cm.</p><p>It is another line with the //Edit comment on it... it just didnt fit in the picture, I'll add it to the image in a moment.</p>

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